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Waxing is a temporary hair depilation method that is very suitable as body hair removal for men, because male body hair is very coarse, but users must know to to exfoliate.

Where can it be used? On the legs, chest, eyebrows, back of neck, back, forearms, underarm, pubic area, toes, ears, nose, upper lip and knuckles. Everywhere!

When will the hair appear again? After about 3-6 weeks, because the hair plus its root is removed.

The tempo of hair regrowth differs from man to man, as well as from area to area.

There are also huge differences between men and women.

How will the new hair look? It will grow out with a soft tapered tip. The hair gradually becomes thinner and lighter in colour after every treatment, because the follicles become damaged.

Other temporary epilation methods: sugaring, tweezing, threading and epilator devices.

TAKE NOTE: All epilation and depilation methods give temporary results. Only electrolysis is permanent, while IPL and laser give long term reduction results.

Appearance, application and removal

Hot waxing product is applied very thickly

The hot type hair removal waxes should be the consistency of porridge to make spreading easy. All waxes are warmed to a comfortable working temperature.

It must be applied thickly in roughly 7.5x10cm strips. It is therefore not a very cost efficient treatment, but excellent for male brazilian waxing.

Care must be taken that the outer edges are also thick. It sets solid when cool and is removed by loosening the bottom edge to get a grip. Stretch the skin with the other hand in the opposite direction and quickly rip it off in the opposite direction.

Roller waxing system using dispensable cartridges The cool type can be used at a much lower temperature. Sometimes even without heating it at all, but it really applies much easier when heated.

It should be the consistency of heated syrup. It is applied extremely thinly to huge areas at a time.

It is therefore an extremely cost-efficient treatment for the salon. A special strip is placed on the wax and then smoothed down very firmly with the hand to help it bond to the strip. Then it is pulled off against the hair growth direction.

What are the ingredients?

Hot type: Basicaly it is beeswax, resin (from Spain, Brazil, Portugal and China) and something soothing (azulene, chamommile, aloe vera, rose, etc). True beeswax from the honeycomb is solid in appearance. To make it more spreadable resin is added. Tea tree oil is often added for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Always opaque in appearance and non-sticky to the touch.

Cold type: Wax isn’t always used. It can be a mixture of rubber latex and solvents, or something organic like honey. This type must be spread very thinly. Salons prefer to use the roller cartridge system, because application is very fast. It is always see-through in appearance and very sticky to the touch.

How hygienic is this method?

Very, because all waxes and equipment that touched the client are only used once and then thrown away. The industry requires that both the application and treatment be totally hygienic. That means that cross-infection during treatments is minimised as much as is humanly possible.

Contraindications to treatment

Waxing is contra-indicated for Retin A users

  1. Never treat any area where skin is damaged, irritated, bruised or broken.

  2. Diabetics, elderly clients with thin skin and persons with varicose veins or bad circulation shouldn’t be waxed.

  3. Bruised or hypersensitive skin shouldn’t be treated.

  4. Vitamin A prescription drugs, like Retin A, weaken the skin, causing it to tear when ripping the product off.

  5. Any area with warts, pimples, moles or rashes must always be avoided.

  6. Never apply over recent scar tissue. And that goes for skin diseases too.

  7. If you do waxing, you should exfoliate your skin ften

  8. After exposure to ultraviolet rays. Wait until a sunburnt skin is totally healed – or you might tear it off.

  9. This technique is very hygienic, because all used products are thrown away directly afterwards.

  10. Poor technique can result in hair breaking off or growing in.

  11. Reduce ingrown hair with regular skin exfoliation, not just after a treatment. Get tips on how to exfoliate by clicking on the linked graphic to the right. Daily dry skin brushing also helps.

  12. Apply astringent, or a solution of astringent and baby oil, for a few days to help the open follicles to close more quickly.

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