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Male Body Hair Removal

Even though the waxing technique differs totally for hot wax, sugaring gel and cold wax, the preparation and aftercare stays the same. The sugaring paste technique is totally different to all the other waxing methods.

If you are a handy man around the house, you are already aware how important correct preparation is before you can start on the actual job.

Just as important as correct preparation, is timely maintenance. My grandfather used to say: “A stitch in time, saves nine”.

If you don’t actually know how to do the job correctly, you will make a mess. You can just as well call out a handy man to do it right the first time.

Well, the same goes for waxing.

You have to do the proper preparation and after-care directly afterwards and between treatments. It is of the utmost importance that the correct waxing technique is followed for the type of wax that is being used.

Skin preparation and aftercare

Prepare the treatment area by cleaning and disinfecting it with any lotion containing witch hazel to remove any skin oil or dampness from the skin.

For home use, something like waterless hand cleaner works excellent. A quick wash with ordinary soap and water can work, but don’t take a bath.

Why not? Because hair absorbs water during long immersion and is therefore counter-productive for successful waxing.

Salons use special pre-waxing lotions for this puspose.

Apply talcum or baby powder or cornflour to absorb any skin oil or moisture that was left on the skin. Wipe against the hair growth direction with a cotton ball to lift the hair from the skin.

Aftercare is extremely important to ward off unwelcome infected ingrown hair.

After the treatment the skin must be wiped with a witch hazel saturated cotton ball to remove any wax. A special after-waxing lotion may be applied if there is a strong reaction to the wax, and to hydrate and soothe the skin.

Correct temperature of wax

Always remember that especially too hot sugaring can cause mild to serious burns to the skin. All wax must be warmed until melted, but mustn’t be scalding hot.

On the other hand, when any wax gets too cold it becomes difficult to handle. Make a few tests to get the consistency and temperature just right.

Cold waxing and sugaring must drip from the applicator like honey. You must be able to wind hot wax around the spatula without dripping. Sugaring paste is used at room temperature.

The hot wax hair removal products melt at 50 degrees Celsius, but the working temperature is about 55 degrees Celsius. The working temperature of cold wax is about 43 degrees Celsius.

General waxing technique

  1. Length – Hair must be about 0.5cm in length for the wax to get a good grip. Hair can be shorter for cold wax, but a longer length is better for hot wax.

  2. Temperature – Test wax on inside of your own and client’s wrist. Let cool if it is too hot. Blow briskly on wax if it is already applied to the skin and then feels too hot. Never ever overheat wax to smoking point.

  3. Application direction – Cold wax is applied with the growth direction, meaning knee to ankle. Hot wax is applied against the growth direction, meaning ankle to knee. Where hair grow in various directions, like the armpit hair, it is wise to apply smaller patches – each following the specific growth direction. Very good results can be achieved by applying some pressure on the spatula during application.

  4. Removal direction – Hair is removed against the hair growth direction. The waxing technique for legs requires you to start at the lowest point meaning at the ankle and work towards the knee. This doesn’t apply to sugaring paste. Take care to remove hair in the correct direction or it won’t be removed satisfactorily.

  5. Applicators – Never use a metal utensil to apply wax, because metal absorbs heat. Use wooden spatulas of various sizes or tongue depressors.

  6. Skin stretching – The skin must be pulled tight during both application and removal of the wax. This is done by placing the hand on the skin at the opposite direction you plan to pull the strip and then to pull the skin in the opposite direction.

  7. Ripping it off – Grab hold of the bottom of the strip or loosened hot wax and rip off very quickly against the hair growth. Do NOT pull up into the air! Try to stay as parallel to the skin as possible. Poor waxing technique can break hair off, which can lead to nasty ingrown hair.

  8. Apply pressure – Immediately after ripping off, apply firm pressure with the free hand to lessen pain. Believe me, it does work.

  9. Tweeze – Use any type you prefer to remove any stray hair that wasn’t removed at the end of the treatment. This can also be done throughout the treatment.

  10. Pieces of wax – Remove any traces of wax left with oil, witch hazel or special lotion for that purpose. Apply baby oil with a few drops of soothing Aloe Vera gel or Teetree Oil to the area.

  11. Home care – Avoid irritating tight clothes and underclothes for 1-3 days. Don’t swim or go for a workout at the gym the same day as the treatment. Avoid very hot baths and suntanning for 1-3 days after treatment.

  12. Pain relief – Skin numbing cream like Emla may be applied an hour before treatment. Buy a cheaper version at any tattoo shop. Or take 1 or 2 painkillers an hour before the treatment.

Specific waxing techniques

Get the specific technique for cold waxing and sugaring hair removal here.

The application technique for hot waxing is totally different to that of cold wax. Practice your waxing technique with sugaring, because it can be washed off in case you don’t want to continue any further. Get help for difficult to reach areas – meaning the whole back of your body.

Serious thought should be given to hot wax as the preferred wax for body hair removal for men. Follow this link to read why I say hot wax hair removal is best for male body hair removal.

The waxing technique for homemade sugaring paste (sugaring ball) is the exact opposite of all the other waxing methods.

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