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Waxing Safety Precautions

Must Be Adhered To By Waxing Salons

By following waxing safety precautions you can be ensured you will have a safe waxing experience without burns, skin infections or heat-softened skin that was ripped-off.

May Wax Be Re-Utilised To Save Cost?

  1. Never, never, ever! Make sure you follow the waxing safety precautions by using all wax only once. Used wax must be thrown away.
  2. Hot wax is heated to 55 degrees Celcius and cold waxing and sugaring to 45 degrees Celcius.
  3. Re-utilized wax can lead to folliculitis, because fungus and bacteria remains heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celcius, which is twice as hot as you heat the wax.
  4. To avoid bacterial contamination of all the wax in the pot, it is good practice to melt and use small amounts of wax at a time. Add more melted wax as needed.
  5. Use a thermal cup (used for coffee) for this purpose. Use one wooden spatula for the melting process and a different one for the application to the skin.
  6. Each client’s left over wax can be stored in a sealed, name labelled container. During the next appointment it can be used for that client.
  7. Wastage is kept to the minimum and hygiene to the maximum. Bacterial and fungal contamination of the pot of wax will not occur in this way.
  8. The same goes for the roll-on devices. Each client should have his own individual roll-on cartridge, labelled with his name and only used on him.

Waxing Safety Precautions Tips

  1. The skin must always be exfoliated the day before waxing. Never exfoliate on the day of the waxing.
  2. The hair must not be too long nor too short. A good length is 6mm. The waxing product can’t adhere well on too short hair. Too long hair hurts too much when it is waxed.
  3. Men can’t stand pain. One hour before waxing take 1-2 painkillers to numb the skin.
  4. It is good practice to take a quick bath or shower before the waxing to remove natural body oils from the skin and for the warm water to open the pores slightly.
  5. It is wise to do a thorough cleansing of the skin before applying wax, or it will not adhere well to the hair.
  6. Cleansing alternatives – store bought pre-wax, surgical spirits diluted 1:3 with water, hand sanitizer or just soap and water all works very well. More info under pre- and post waxing recipes lower on page.
  7. Lightly dust the skin with baby powder or Maizena (cornflour) and wipe excess off with some cotton wool. This ensure the wax won’t stick to the skin, only to the hair.
  8. Use the correct type of wax for the body area being waxed. Cold strip wax should not be used on the groin hair. Hot wax that sets hard must always be used for pubic hair grooming.
  9. Waxing safety precautions advocates that you must never wax broken or cut skin. The same goes if varicose veins are present.
  10. Always use wooden spatulas. Never use a metal utencil to apply the wax with, because it will retain the heat of the wax and might burn the skin.
  11. The wax must be easy to spread, but not too hot nor too cold. Always test on your own and the client’s wrist to make sure the temperature is acceptable.

Waxing During Menstruation

The following information is purely for interest sake, because this site is mainly for men.

Near and during the time of menstruation the skin gets very sensitive due to fluid retention in the female body. Waxing during this time can be the cause of even more discomfort and pain.

It is wise to avoid waxing for three days before, and definitely during, menstruation. The best time to wax is after the period has ended, until about three days before the next menstrual cycle commences.

Pre- And Post-Waxing Recipes

Contact me if you would like to obtain the:
  • skin exfoliation recipes,
  • pre-waxing cleanser oil recipes,
  • after-waxing product remover oil recipes,
  • and post-waxing gel recipe.

The products for waxing and sugaring are used hot and if the correct waxing safety precautions are not followed, problems can be experienced. Be careful what you apply to the skin for 48 hours after waxing.
Can I perhaps interest you in a few easy to prepare at home sugaring recipes? Simply go to the sugaring page to decide which of the many recipes you would like to try first.

Alternatively you can go to another page with five more sugaring recipes. Then do yourself a favour by reading up about after waxing tips for the skin. Whithever recipe you try, always follow the waxing safety precautions for your own good.

Write your unique story why safety precautions are necessary during sugaring and waxing and I’ll publish it on this website. Remember to take some photos.

Are you looking for some specific information, but don’t know where to look for it? Simply follow this link, type what you are looking for into the Search Box and click on the search button. You will be taken there.

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