Unibrow or Monobrow

Manscaping By Tweezing Eyebrows

A unibrow or monobrow can be removed by means of manscaping. Popular methods of eyebrow grooming for eyebrow shaping are tweezing eyebrows and eyebrow waxing.

Thick, unruly, bushy brows give an unfriendly and grumpy look to each and every face.

Very few people can afford that! If you have excess eyebrow thickness, there is hope for you.

Grooming eyebrows can rescue you from that unwanted surly image.

A unibrow is normally two long, thick brows connected with a little bit of hair across the bridge of the nose.

A monobrow has a lot of hair across the bridge of the nose, giving the impression of one long eyebrow.

Photograph by Gravity Design

You can just imagine what a triplebrow would look like. Three eyebrows in the place of just two.

I must confess that I have never, ever seen it.

Can you believe there actually is a special club called Unibrow Club?

You also get the “Monobrow Club” and “Triple Brow Club” for people who love that look!

Once you have decided that you have had enough of your bushy eyebrows you should do something about it. Get rid of your unibrow fast!

It is best to go to a professional to shape your unibrow into two totally seperate brows. While you are at it, have your brows thinned to look as natural as possible. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can really make a big mess of your appearance.

Available eyebrow grooming methods

Eyebrow waxing is a very popular hair removal technique.

It is used for eyebrow grooming by very hairy men at beauty salons to get rid of a unibrow.

Cosmetologysts are trained in male and female eyebrow shaping.

At salons you can use 100% natural sugaring or chemical waxing.

Tweezing eyebrows is a very good alternative to get rid of a unibrow, because you can stop at any moment to check the progress.

Eyebrow waxing can be offered as cold waxing with waxing strips, or hot wax hair removal. Very thin spatulas (break it) must be used for application.

If you ask around, you might be lucky enough to find a person that offers the ancient hair removal technique of threading eyebrows. These threaders are very skilled and can remove one hair, or a whole row of hair, at will.

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Unibrow grooming considerations

  1. Spacing of the eyes – close set or wide set
  2. shape of the face – round, oblong, square or pear
  3. state of existing eyebrows
  4. age of client
  5. current fashion
  6. client’s own wishes.

Wide set eyes will appear closer together if you leave the inside corners unplucked , while shortening the outside corners. Close set eyes will appear wider apart when you remove more hair from the inner corners, but little or nothing from the outside corners.

Eyebrow hair grow quite densely and have very deep follicles.

Eyebrow hair stays in the resting or telogen phase of the hair growth cycle for a very, very long time.

This means the regrowth rate of eyebrow hair are slower than that of other body hair.

Be careful when tweezing eyebrows not to remove too many hair. Flickr photo by Arlyn Asch

You’ll have to live with mistakes and an over-tweezed look for an extremely long time. Even permanently. Tweeze one hair at a time.

Hair removal pain relief options

Use cold to numb the skin with easy, foolproof and always readily available good old ice cubes.

Just rub it over the skin until you can’t feel a thing anymore.

An easy hair removal pain relief method is to add heat first to help the hair to glide out. A good way is to take a bath or shower.

Or place a warm washcloth or cotton wool on the eyebrow area for a few minutes.

Or apply a little baby teething gel to the area you plan to remove hair from. Another good alternative is to buy some topical anaesthetic cream from a tattoo shop. A very good dermal anaesthetic cream to use is Emla Cream with lidocaine and prilocaine, but it is quite pricey.

If you can stand the cold, it is easy to rub an ice cube over the skin until it is totally numb. Repeat when necessary to keep the skin numb. The whole area can be rubbed again after the treatment to prevent or remove any swelling.

Determining correct eyebrow shape

Take something straight, thin and long like a knitting needle.

Feel the nostril and determine where the widest part is.

Rest the needle very lightly against the nostril and extend it nearly vertically upwards.

It must touch the nostril, then just miss the inner corner of the eye to cross the unibrow.

Draw a pen line through the eyebrow onto the skin. This line must be to the side of the needle closest to center of the face.

Don’t worry, it’ll be easy to remove with a little soap and water.

Now take the knitting needle and turn it outwards so that it rests against the nostril and just misses the outside corner of the eye.

Draw a line with the pen through the eyebrow. Repeat both these measurements on the other eyebrow.

If you take too long with the measuring, you should re-apply heat and then cold to numb the skin.

Tip: Color hair that must be tweezed out with a white eye makeup pencil.

It is easy to wipe eye pencil off and redo it, until you are satisfied with the effect. If you are unable to find white, use the lightest eye pencil you can find.

Now you have a very handy guide you can work with when you do your eyebrow grooming. Start in the middle at the bridge of the nose and gradually tweeze the eyebrows towards the outsides.

Round the edges slightly. Be very careful never to over tweeze. You can always go back to remove some more hair, but you can’t undo it once it has been removed.

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