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Experience tweezing hair removal with the best tweezers you can afford to be able to remove a hair the first time you try, every time. It is beyond frustrating to miss time and again. And the surrounding skin gets irritated very quickly.

Every woman can tell you what a huge frustration it is to lose your favourite tweezer.

Her first thought is always: I’ll never find another one as good as that one was!

The secret is in how well the two tips are in alignment.

She will also tell you to never ever let it fall on a hard floor, because afterwards it will never be the same again.

You might need a good one to remove the odd ingrown hair from one or other difficult place on the body every now and then. I am sure you would want it to come out the first time!

This page is not about tips on how to shape eyebrows. If you need advice on how to do eyebrows, you should go to the eyebrow grooming page.

What is a tweezer?

It is a metal forceps type instrument with two very well-aligned tips. The tips are used to grip a hair and pull it out of the skin by the root or follicle .

Tweezer tips can be pointed, angled, rounded or straight. The tension of the tweezer can be permanently increased by very carefully pulling the two tips apart.

Be careful not to drop the tweezer, because the tip may be dulled and the alignment of the tips will be out of kilter for ever and ever afterwards.

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Where and why will a man use it?

Mostly to pull out an ingrown hair. An ingrown hair can make its appearance anywhere on the body.

Determine if you can see the hair under the skin. Use a very thin sterilized needle to lift the hair out of the skin. Some people like to do this with a very pointy tweezer, but I think you do too much damage to the surrounding skin by tweezing out the hair.

Gently pull out the hair and disinfect the skin with some alcohol. Rub with an ice cube for a while to get rid of the redness. Apply a little bit of antibacterial ointment to speed up healing. Disinfect the needle and tweezer again.

It might also be used to tame his unibrow. It is wrong to assume that maintaining eyebrows are only for women. A unibrow is a definite sign of lack of grooming by both the sexes. A monobrow can also be neatened with threading.

Handy tweezing tips

  1. Always apply moist heat in the form of a hot bath, shower or washcloth to the treatment area for some time before you start. The hair’s erector pili muscles will be relaxed, the follicles slightly open and the amount of “pain” will be greatly reduced.

  2. Disinfect instruments before and after each tweezing session by immersing it in alcohol for a few minutes. Remember to remove the protective cap before you start.

  3. Tweezing hair removal is unsuitable for large areas, because one hair is removed at a time. Therefore it is quite time consuming.

  4. Start by brushing hair against and then with their natural growth direction (see brush on photo)

  5. Very slightly stretch the skin with the other hand’s index and middle fingers. Remove one hair at a time by gripping it very close to the skin and gently, but firmly pulling it out with the direction of growth. Never pull out against the natural hair growth direction.

  6. Now for some hair removal pain relief advice. Apply ice cubes before and after the treatment to numb the skin against pain. Swelling and redness will also fade quickly.

  7. Gently glide the hair out of its follicle. Never yank a hair out, it can easily break off and might become an ingrown hair.

How to choose a tweezer

The tweezer must feel comfortable in your hand. Male hands are bigger than female hands.

Scissor type tweezers are never a good idea for a man, because men just can’t fit their big fingers into the tiny holes.

Rather go for something big and easy to operate. Test it by removing a few hair on your hand or forearm. Don’t be afraid to test it before you buy it. After all, you will be using it.

Small, dainty ones with very thin pointed tips need very accurate positioning. Something many men naturally aren’t very good with, unless they are the very handy type.

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