Tweezing Eyebrows

Unibrow Hair Removal Technique

Tweezing eyebrows is one facial hair remover method used for eyebrow shaping to get rid of an unwanted unibrow by removing eyebrow thickness across the bridge of the nose mostly.

Tweezing eyebrows is the easiest eyebrow grooming method to do upkeep at home once you’ve had a professional salon eyebrow shaping done.

You simply tweeze out the new hair regrowth that can be seen once it appears.

Never ever shave any part of your eyebrows. The regrowth will look horrible.

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Naturally an epilator device shouldn’t even be considered for the eyebrows. Because you only remove one hair at a time with tweezing, you can stop yourself in time.

An over-tweezed look should be avoided by heterosexual men at all cost, because it looks feminine. That is normally the look gay men go for.

Which Eyebrow Hair Should I Remove?

Tweezing Eyebrows To Look Natural And Balanced

All hair that makes your eyebrows look heavy and unnatural. This face has balanced and natural looking eyebrows.

You should only do a little eyebrow grooming as upkeep after a salon eyebrow shaping.

There are certain measurements you can take to determine how much, and where, hair should be removed if you are bothered by a unibrow.

Heterosexual men should never remove hair from under the natural eyebrow line. And only in rare circumstances from above the natural eyebrow line.

Threading eyebrows is gaining in popularity. You can also make use of eyebrow waxing. Remember to keep them thick and masculine. No arches or sharp points. The more you remove, the more ugly regrowth there will be.

Equipment For Tweezing Eyebrows

Tools Necessary For Tweezing Eyebrows

  1. Tweezer with well aligned edges,
  2. discarded toothbrush to comb the eyebrows,
  3. small scissor with pointed ends,
  4. knitting needle or something thin and long,
  5. ballpoint or felt tipped pen,
  6. mirror on a stand or kept upright in some way,
  7. good lighting to see what you are doing,
  8. ice cubes or skin numbing cream like Emla,
  9. skin cream to moisturize the skin afterwards,
  10. anti-bacterial cream like Bactroban, and
  11. some clear hair gel to set eyebrow hair in place.

Method For Tweezing Eyebrows

Different Tweezers For Tweezing Eyebrows

  1. Pain relief: If you are scared of the pain, start off by applying the hair removal pain relief method (ice, numbing cream, pain pill etc) of your choice. Wait the prescribed amount of time.
  2. Correct eyebrow shape: While the pain relief starts to work you should measure the eyebrows as described at the unibrow page to determine the correct shape.
  3. Taut skin: Pull the skin taut between the second and third fingers of the hand without the tweezer. A little baby powder can be put on the skin with a cotton ball to lift the hair from the skin.
  4. Tweezer placement: Place the tweezer of your choice close to the skin. Gently pull out the hair, don’t yank it out.
  5. Tweezing direction: Always pull with the hair growth direction, taking care not to break it off. That might lead to ingrown hair.
  6. Starting point: Start at the bridge of the nose, because this area isn’t very sensitive.
  7. Nose bridge: Remove all or most of the hair on the bridge of the nose between the two pen lines. Aim for a natural look.
  8. Outside ends: Shorten eyebrows by removing all hair outside the lines drawn close to the ears.
  9. Round edges: Remove one hair at a time to round all the edges very slightly. Pointy ends look feminine.
  10. The big picture: After about every third hair you’ve removed, you should look at the whole face to keep things balanced and in perspective.
  11. Be warned: You can very quickly become carried away when you are working so close to a mirror.
  12. Comb hair upwards: Use an old toothbrush to brush all the eyebrow hair upwards.
  13. Cut long hair: Use a small sharp pointed scissor to trim hair that are extending above the natural eyebrow line. Trim very little at a time. Repeat if necessary until you are satisfied.
  14. Ice cube: Get rid of swelling and redness by rubbing an ice cube over the area you’ve just tweezed.
  15. Moisturize: Apply a soothing skin lotion and/or an anti-inflammatory cream like Bactroban.
  16. Gel in place: Take an old toothbrush and brush eyebrow hair upwards and then outwards. Add a very small amount of clear hair gel to the toothbrush to set the hair in its proper place.

Please consider to submit your unique stories about your eyebrow grooming experiences. Share tweezing eyebrows tips to make it bearable. Make comments or rate other stories. Offer suggestions, air opinions, ask questions or publish information. Please share your good and bad hair removal experiences with all of us.

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A few “useless” facts I want to share with you:

  • Did you know that eyebrow hair stays in the telogen phase for a very long time. That’s why you should never become mesmerized while tweezing eyebrows.
  • Most, if not all, men start their manscaping adventure with pubic hair grooming.
  • Get rid of an unibrow to instantly look friendly as well as younger!

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