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Master threading hair removal if you have a very sensitive skin or limited time, then you can do your home hair removal whenever it suits you for absolutely free! All you need is a piece of needlework cotton string, a few fingers and a mirror.

This home hair removal method is perfect for people with very sensitive skins.

Or people who get rashes and allergic reactions from harsh chemicals or hair waxing products.

What can people do if they require a fast, inexpensive facial hair removal method that isn’t messy, painful, but delivers excellent long lasting results?

They consider stringing, of course!

This fast hair removal method is currently enjoying growing popularity in Western countries. If you ever thought of a “green” method – this is it. Nothing but the piece of string touches you and is thrown away afterwards.

When and where did it originate?

This face hair removal method has been popular with both men and women in Arab countries for many, many years.

The method is called khite and fatlah in Arabic.

Its origin is quite unclear. Many countries claim ownership!

Turkey, Persia, India, Middle East, Egypt and China have all been claimed as country of origin. Neither the origin, nor the length of time it has been around, is of any real concern to this website.

A thin, 100% pure cotton thread is twisted in a very specific way and then rolled over unwanted facial hair to pluck it out by the hair follicle or root.

This is an extremely precise method where a single hair or rows of hair can be removed at will. The skin is not disturbed or harmed at all. That is why it is recommended for users of Retin A.

It was traditionally used as eyebrow shapers for both men and women. The entire face can be treated, including the upper lip, chin, eyebrows, sideburns and cheeks.

Eyebrow shaping is the most popular of them all. Give it a try to get a crisp line wherever needed.

Some men neaten their unibrow or shape an intricate goatee or fancy mustache. Even hair inside the ear can be removed! Of course you will need help this this.

Do you need any step-by-step instructions or would you like to know where on the face the method can be applied?

It is an epilation method

Epilation means the hair plus the root is removed. The other epilation methods are:
  • Waxing – hot or cold “strip” chemical wax is the modern version of sugaring.
  • Sugaring – 100% natural method that can be used as paste or gel with or without strips.
  • Tweezing – this is the modern mechanical version of the ancient technique of plucking with the fingers.
  • Epilator – the modern electric/battery version of threading.

Several DIY methods

This device, called San Maita is used for DIY and makes the process very easy.

It is used primarily on facial hair, but can most probably be used anywhere on the body too, since it is such a fast method.

If you look closely at the photo you will notice several twists in the thread at the right hand side.

The hair is caught in this twists as it is rolled over the skin and then yanked out.

Get some more tips and information about this hair removal technique at the threading hair removal page.

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