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Temporary depilation normally means home hair removal by using the best hair remover product or device available to quickly remove unwanted body hair from different body areas.

Temporary depilation is the term used to describe the hair removal methods where only the part of the hair above the skin is removed.

As soon as the follicle is disturbed or removed, it is called epilation method. Examples of epilation are waxing, electric epilators, laser, tweezing, etc.

Different methods and products should be used on different body areas to achieve the best results.

There are varying degrees of follicle density on different body areas.

For example, there are less hair on the hands than on the lower legs. But there are more hair on the head than on the lower legs.

All these types of hair removal methods are normally performed at home. Ideal to do in the privacy of your own bathroom, by yourself.

Or you might get the help of a friend, girlfriend or wife. Or maybe a very good pal. Normally the hair will have to be removed again a few hours later, but definitely after three days.

Although the hair follicle isn’t disturbed in any way, it can still become an infected ingrown hair.

This happens when a depilated hair keeps on growing undisturbed beneath the skin.

If you have a slow hair growth rate, the depilated area will remain smooth for a little longer than the person with a very fast hair regrowth rate.

This is called hypertrichosis or hairiness. Different degrees can be found, ranging from mild to extremely severe.

Ok, so which hair removal methods fall under temporary depilation? Please find links to the different methods at the bottom of this page.

1. Male body shaving

Shaving is still the most popular, cheapest, safest, smoothest, fastest temporary hair removal method that’s available everywhere.

How is it done? A sharpened metal blade is used to cut off hair at the skin’s surface.

Male body shaving can be performed from the head right down to the feet to remove unwanted male body hair.

It is very popular to use a personal shaver for pubic hair grooming, chest hair removal and of course to remove the back hair too.

Most men prefer a normal razor to shave his legs, rather than a bodygroomer type hair trimmer.

Battery and electric shavers are also used for shaving, but doesn’t give as smooth a finish as a razor.

2. Clippers or trimmers

Trimmers or clippers can be used for temporary depilation of the whole body. It is really unnecessary to buy a special device for pubic hair grooming.

Normally a smaller clipper is used on a small area. The same clipper can be used to remove unwanted body hair from the head, face, chest, underarms, back, legs and genital area.

With a Wahl, Victoria or Andis clipper it is easy to keep your designer stubble neat. Electric and rechargeable cordless trimmers and clippers give the same good results and is excellent for travelling.

3. Hair removal creams

The most popular chemical depilators for home hair removal are brands like Nads, Veet and Nair. The chemicals can be either very alcaline or very acidic.

The strong chemicals dissolve the proteins in the hair shaft above the skin and turn it into a jelly-like mass after a few minutes.

The jellied hair is simply wiped away with the cream. Chemical burns can be the result if it is kept on for too long.

The skin has a lot of proteins and the chemicals try to dissolve it also, resulting in burns.

4. Depilating by friction

This temporary depilation method is only really successful on very fine vellus body hair found on women’s bodies.

Unwanted hair is rubbed off above the skin in circular movements. A device with an abrasive surface is used. Special mitts, pumice stones or very fine sandpaper can be used.

Men’s body hair are mostly androgenic terminal hair and much too coarse in texture for this method to be used with success.

Share with us how you perform body hair removal by means of the methods described below, and I’ll publish it on this website. Remember to take some nice photos.

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