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The sugaring technique can be traced back about 6,000 years to ancient Egypt. Modern hair waxing share the same technique, but use harmful chemical substances that quite often irritate the skin.

This hair removal method is even mentioned in the ancient Egyptian writings, called Hieroglyphics.

It is a godsend for those prone to allergies, because it contains no chemicals, resins or other harsh ingredients like commercial waxes do.

The product can be used as paste at room temperature with its specific waxing technique.

But if you want to use it like cold waxing with strips, it is heated to a runny consistency.

It can easily be washed off with water.

It is easy to prepare at home, or you can buy it at certain stores. I can’t help with this outside of South Africa.

What exactly is sugaring?

It is an epilation hair removal technique, very much like waxing. A syrup is boiled with mainly sugar, lemon juice and water to the consistency of soft toffee.

This mixture is smeared onto unwanted hair and ripped off, taking the hair with it. It can be used in two ways:

  1. Melted – the gel type is better known, and is used heated in exactly the same way you use cold waxing, and
  2. Room temperature – the paste type is used at room temperature without strips like hot waxing, but unlike hot wax, it is applied against the hair growth direction, and removed with the growth direction.

Basic recipe

2 cups sugar
quarter cup lemon or lime juice
quarter cup water

Preparation Method:

  1. Extract the juice from the citrus fruit you chose, measure and decant into medium sized saucepan. Add sugar and water.
  2. Heat over medium setting until it starts to boil.
  3. Let simmer for about 35-40 minutes until it reaches the soft ball stage (see lower on page).
  4. For gel it must turn to a nice honey color. For the paste it must turn a light amber brown.
  5. Let cool and decant into suitable containers like thick plastic, wide mouthed glass jar or empty coffee tin.
  6. The mixture is left to cool and then used for body hair removal.

Testing for soft candy ball stage

Testing Sugaring For Soft Ball Candy Stage

The soft ball candy stage is reached at 238 Fahrenheit or 114,5 Celcius at sea level.

Make adaptions if necessary. One or two degrees makes a HUGE difference. So take heed.

This test is only necessary to perform if you don’t have a candy thermometer to use.

You will need a metal spoon and a glass with some chilled water in it.

Test for soft ball stage by dipping the handle of a metal spoon into the mixture.

Immediately place the spoon upside down into the chilled water and leave for a minute or two.

Roll the ball off with your fingers. If it doesn’t form a ball, the mixture must be boiled some more. If it forms a hard ball, it was boiled too long.

Alternatively some of the mixture can be dripped into the water and left for the necessary time and then felt.

Some recipies add things like glycerine or molasses to make it more pliable. Either lemon or lime juice can be used. Likewise sugar or honey can be used.

Which utencils will I need?

Utencils Needed To Prepare Sugaring

You will have everything you need in your very own kitchen.

The only thing you might not have is a candy thermometer.

It is easier to get the mixture right with it.

The mixture can be prepared on a gas hob, stove top or in the microwave oven.

The utencils you will need are:

  • small/medium sized saucepan
  • wooden stirring spoon
  • knife to cut lemon/lime
  • small juicer
  • small sieve
  • measuring cups
  • candy thermometer
  • and empty coffee tin/wide necked glass jar/thick plastic container.

History of ancient body pasting

Its Arabic name “halawa” can be translated as “sweet.” It tastes sweet-and-sour. When cool, sugaring paste forms a soft and plyable ball.

This unique waxing technique has been handed down from generation to generation of Middle-Eastern women.

Even today it is still widely used by Arabian, Egyptian, Mediterranean Christian, Jewish, and Muslim women and men. A hairless body is easier to keep clean and cool in a hot climate.

The original body pasting method is considered the oldest and still the best method for male hair removal. Male body hair is thicker and more wiry than female body hair.

It is suitable for use anywhere on the male and female body. This hair removal method is often compared to waxing.

Both are sticky, spread onto the hair and then pulled off. But that is where the comparison ends. In many ways it is the exact opposite of wax!

Reusable denim waxing strips

Reusable Denim Waxing Strips Follow these easy to follow instructions to make waxing strips to use with sugaring from a discarded denim jean.

You can also use unbleached calico to make homemade cold wax strips very cheaply to use with cold wax or sugaring.

Since you are a man, it would be better to find a salon that performs this technique. Or send the woman in your life on a course to learn how to do it properly for you.

Try some of the recipes I supply – it is fun to make and easy to clean up again. Just use warm soapy water. This way you will save tons of money. Use the money saved to treat your lovely lady! She will appreciate it very much.

Write your unique story about how you prepared this or other recipes and then used it at home. Remember to take some photos.

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