Sugaring Paste

100% Natural Homemade Hair Removal

Ancient sugaring paste or gel is a 100% natural citrus hair removal system without harmful ingredients. It is excellent for male hair removal and good alternatives to waxing.

Male body hair is thick and springy with very deep roots.

It is sometimes difficult to epilate all the hair of a man successfully with the first wax application.

Sugaring adheres only to the hair, but not to the skin also.

Chemical hot and cold wax adheres to the skin too. The top layer of the skin is actually removed with the wax.

A second and even third application of waxing is taboo.

But with sugaring it is possible without harming the skin. Only very rarely should a second wax application be considered. Don’t even consider a third application, because the skin might be ripped off.

Wax and sugaring looks different