Sugaring Hair Removal

Gives Outstanding Results

Because sugaring hair removal is prepared with 100% natural products it is ideal for people with allergies. You have total control over the ingredients and it is kind to the skin too. Sugaring only adheres to the hair and not to the skin too.

Sugaring is ideal for people who are allergic to bees. I should know, because my daughter is allergic to bees.

This means she is also allergic to depilatory waxes prepared with bees wax.

Unfortunately, this rules out most of the waxes used at most salons.

They always have to use special wax on her!

Where did I get my sugaring recipe?

Luckily my daughter trained as a cosmetologist at a training academy in Pretoria, South Africa.

The students received a number of sugaring hair removal recipes, all prepared with 100% natural ingredients.

We decided to test the homemade wax recipes. They are fast and easy to prepare and she isn’t allergic to the ingredients.

Cleaning up any spills is a breeze, because you simply wash it off with water!

All you need is sugar (white, brown, castor, honey, molasses), plain drinking water and citrus juice like lemon or lime.

You can even use the store bought concentrated type. Because I haven’t tested the recipe with the concentrate, I have no idea whether it’ll work or not.

The most popular citrus to use is lemon and the most popular sugar is ordinary white cane sugar.

Hot and cold waxing at a beauty salon

Salon waxing can become quite expensive over time.

Normally you have to have it done every 4-6 weeks.

Finding time in your busy day can also become a problem.

Bosses normally don’t have sympathy and expect you to be at work during normal hours.

On the other hand, you get paid to be at work and not to be in beauty and waxing salons! So they have a point.

Getting sugaring consistency just right

I must warn you that it is very difficult to get the consistency right. You tend to overcook it.

The trick is not to let it get too hot for too long. It is wise to use a candy thermometer to regulate the temperature.

It must only reach the softball candy stage (238 Farhenheit or 114,5 Celcius at sea level). The hotter it is allowed to get as it boils, the harder it sets when it cools down.

When you are making the sugaring paste, the temperature must reach 250 Fahrenheit. The color must be darker and the consistency thicker.

I have to stress the above sea level temperature, because it is extremely important. Just one or two degrees will make a huge difference in the consistency of the sugaring.

Sugar and honey sugaring recipe


500g white sugar
3ml honey
Juice of 1 lemon – strained
1 soup spoon water


  • Candy thermometer = very important!
  • Wooden spoon for constant stirring
  • Heavy saucepan
  • Measuring cups
  • Juicer and tea sieve to strain juice
  • Shallow glass/heatproof plastic container with wide neck

  1. Cut lemon and extract juice. Strain through small sieve.
  2. Switch stove plate on low heat and put saucepan on.
  3. Gradually add sugar while stirring continuously. Stir in the honey.
  4. Keep on stirring until the mixture turns thick.
  5. Add half of the lemon juice. When it begins to boil add the other half of the lemon juice.
  6. To refine the wax you add the water. Stir well. Remove from heat.
  7. Let cool for 5 minutes before decanting into a suitable container.
  8. It is ready for immediate use or it can be stored for later use. I decant it into a metal tin with a plastic lid, because I use an electric wax warmer.

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