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1. YOUR Best Hairy Story With SBI! Content 2.0

Share YOUR Hairy Story With Everyone Visiting

Best Hair Remover Method? Every Person You Ask Will Give A Different Answer.

Infected Ingrown Hair Are Experienced By Everyone. Write About Your Experiences

Various Hirsutism Treatments Are Available To Treat PCOS And Infertility

Hirsute Women Live In Bodies They Hate And A Medical Condition They Don’t Want

Male Hair Removal Is Gaining In Popularity. Did It Enhance Or Change Your Life?

Male Body Shaving Of Androgenic Hair Like Abdominal Hair Or Shaving Pubic Hair

2. Hair Facts

Some Hair Facts About Your Individuality; Because Of Genetically Inhereted Genes

A Hair Shaft Is Dead! So Why Do Humans Spend So Much Time On These Dead Things?

Hair Types Are Genetically Programmed as Straight, Wavy, Curly, Kinky or Frizzy

The Follicle Is The 1-5mm Part Of The Hair That Is Embedded In The Skin

The Growth Cycle Of Hair Is Continuous All Over The Whole Body. But Why?

Anagen Phase Can Be Sub-Divided Into Pro-, Mes- and Met-Anagen. Excuse Me?

The Catagen Phase Follows Anagen Phase After Receiving Some Mysterious Message

During Telogen Phase Nourishment From The Dermal Papilla Has Stopped Completely.

Melanin Pigment Is Produced By Melanocytes And Then Deposited Into The Follicle

3. Human Hair

Human Hair Is Glorious, Thick, Lustruous, Glossy, Silky, Shiny, Bouncy, etc.

Androgenic Body Hair Is A Secondary Sex Characteristic On Many Body Areas Of Both Sexes.

Characteristics Of Body Hair Differ In Type, Length, Diameter & Daily Growth

Racial Characteristics Are Quite Obvious When You Study Their Hair.

Use Fitzpatrick Classification Scale Questionnaire For Skin Typing

Follicle Density Table Has Info About Hair Cycle & Phase Duration Of Body Sites

Follicle Depth Determines The Diameter Of a Hair Shaft

Hair Regrowth Chart Compares Different Hair Removal Methods On Body Areas

4. Hirsutism

Hirsutism Is Excessive Hair Growth In Male Hair Growth Pattern In A Female Body At Androgen-dependent Body Sites

Female Hirsutism Causes Need Medical Intervention To Rule Out Serious Diseases

5. Manscaping

Manscaping Is The Act Of Male Grooming To Remove Unwanted Body Hair By Various Methods

Pubic Hair Removal For Men As Manscaping Is Growing Very Fast In Popularity

Pubic Hair Designs Need Pubic Hair Stencils. Try DIY And Save Lots Of Money.

Grooming Pubic Hair Means Male Pubic Hair Removal Or Simply Pubic Hair Styling

Male Leg Shaving Is Popular With Famous Cyclists As Well As The Novice Cyclists

Skin Exfoliation Is The Key To Prevent And Treat Ingrown Hair And Shaving Rashes

Eyebrow Grooming Is Made Easy By Using Various Facial Hair Remover Methods

Tweezing Eyebrows Is A Male Hair Removal Technique Used For Eyebrow Grooming

Unibrow Eyebrow Shaping Is Part Of Manscaping With Male Hair Removal Techniques

Body Hair Removal For Men – Quick Hair Removal Options

6. Ingrown Hair

Ingrown Hair, Razor or Barber Bump, Razor Burn, Folliculitis, Pseudo-folliculitis, etc

Ingrown Hair Prevention Tips To Use On Ingrown Pubic Hair Or Ingrown Facial Hair

Causes Of Ingrown Hair Can Be Anything From Shaving To Tight Fiting Underwear

Inexpensive Ingrown Hair Home Remedies To Treat Inflamed Skin After Hair Removal

Shocking Folliculitis Pictures Of Fungus And Bacterial Infected Human Hair Follicles

Dry Skin Brushing Helps To Flush Out Trapped Impurities Through Lymph Drainage

Skin Brushing Tips To Help Men Get Rid Of Dead Skin That Leads To Ingrown Hair

A Transfollicular Ingrown Hair Keeps On Growing Inside The Tiny Follicle Cavity

7. Male Sportsmen

Male Sportsmen Do Some Body Hair Removal And Usually Start With Leg Shaving

Male Swimmers Remove Body Hair To Reduce Active And Passive Water Resistance

Male Cyclists Shave Their Legs For Aesthetic Reasons And Not For Better Performance

Male Bodybuilders Prefer Male Body Shaving Above Other Hair Removal Methods

8. Hair Removal Methods

Incomprehensible Hair Removal Methods – Fully Explained

FDA-gov stands for Food and Drug Administration Of The U.S. Department Of Health & Human Services

8.1 Temporary Hair Depilation

Temporary Depilation Means Choosing The Best Hair Remover For Home Hair Removal Needs

Why Is Shaving Still King? Because It’s Easy, Fast, Smooth, Cheap, Painless & Clean

Clippers Are Ideal For Fast, Clean, No-Nonsence Manscaping From Neck To Feet

Depilatory Cream Sales Rocketed After 2006 When Men Started Using It Too

Friction Is When A Rough Surface Is Used To Buff Away Hair At The Skin’s Surface

8.2 Longer Term Hair Epilation

All Epilation Methods Offer Longer-Term, But Only Temporary, Hair Removal Results

Tweezing Is Eazy. Just Don’t Overdo It & Look Like A Woman. One Hair At A Time!

Threading Is The Ancient Eastern Hair Epilation Method Mainly Used On The Face

An Epilator For Men Should Ideally Be Corded For Top Or Best Performance. Why?

How To Use An Epilator? Use Your Common Sense And Work In Slow Upward Circles

Epilator Buying Tips Are Mostly Common Sense Advice – Think Before You Buy

Epilator Types Are Coiled Spring, Rotating Tweezer Barrel And Rotating Disk Barrel

8.2.1 Sugaring Hair Epilation

Sugaring Is The 100% Natural And Ancient Precursor To Modern Day Waxing

Sugaring Paste Is A Homemade Wax Especially Suitable For Male Hair Removal

The Citrus Hair Removal System Can Be PrePared With Either Lemon Or Lime Juice

Sugaring Hair Removal Is Easy To Make, Dirt Cheap And Gives Outstanding Results

Egyptian Lemon Wax Is Made With Only Three Ingredients: Water, Sugar And Lemon

The Egyptian Honey Lime Recipe Is Different, Because Water Isn’t An Ingredient

Several Homemade Body Hair Removal Sugar Waxing Recipes To Prepare Cheaply

8.2.2 Waxing Hair Epilation

Waxing Your Unwanted Hair Means You’re Riding The Metrosexual Manscaping Wave

After Waxing Care Tips To Minimize Occurrence Of Ingrown Hair And Clogged Pores

Waxing Safety Precautions Must Be Adhered To By Waxing Salons And DIY At Home

Brazilian Wax Is The Best Hair Remover Method To Remove Bushy Male Pubic Hair

Male Brazilian Waxing Is The Removal Of All Or Most Male Pubic Hair With Hot Wax

Brazilian Waxing Technique Is Performed With Hard Wax Without Using Waxing Strips

Cold Waxing With Waxing Strips Is A Quick Hair Removal Method For Body Waxing

Hot Wax Hair Removal, Hard Wax Or Film Wax Are All Perfect For Pubic Hair Waxing

Pubic Hair Waxing Styles Range Between Removing Just A Little To All Pubic Hair

Waxing Strips Are Used With Cold Wax To Remove Unwanted Body Hair Quickly

Useful Waxing Tips To Avoid Hair Waxing Problems During Male Body Hair Removal

Hair Regrowth Chart Compares Different Hair Removal Methods On Most Body Areas

Waxing Equipment Is Needed To Heat, To Apply And Lastly To Remove Wax Products

Waxing Technique Stays The Same, Doesn’t Matter Which Body Area You’re Waxing

Cold Wax Strips Are Used For Body Hair Removal For Men And Discarded After Use

Use Electric Wax Warmer To Thermostatically Melt Hot Hair Removal Waxes Safely

8.3 Hair Reduction

Photo-Epilation Refers To All Laser Or Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Methods

Intense-pulsed-light For Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Vascular Lesion Removal

Laser Light Targets The Chromophore Melanin To Coagulate The Hair Follicle

Unique Laser Light Characteristics Are Coherency, Collimation And Monochromacity

Laser-vs-IPL Table Shows Main Differences Are Unique Laser Light Characteristics.

History Of Lasers Started A Century Ago With Brilliant Scientist Albert Einstein

Lasers And Color Are Indissolubly Intertwined Because Of Different Characteristics

Laser Classification Is Based On The Ability To Cause Damage To Skin And Eyes

8.4 Permanent Removal With Electrolysis

Electrolysis Hair Removal System Will Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Hair Permanently

An Electrolysis-Epilator Can Be Galvanic, Thermolysis Or The Two Methods Blended

9. Other Pages

What’s New? This blog is about different hair removal options available to the “stronger” sex.

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