Body Hair Removal For Men

Photo-epilation refers to ipl hair removal and laser hair removal for men. Collectively it is called “laser hair removal”. It is used to remove human body hair, especially good for ingrown pubic laser hair removal.

The most requested non-invasive plastic surgery treatment is male and female pubic laser hair removal.

What is the definition of photo-epilation or photo-thermolysis?.

“Photo” means light and “thermolysis” means destroying with heat.

Thus the act of removing hair with light.

How does it work? A gentle beam of light energy is emitted by the laser, or flashlamp light (IPL) and delivered to the skin.

This light passes through the skin to a group of hair follicles where it is absorbed by the chromophore dark melanin in the hair. The three skin chromophores are melanin, haemoglobin and water.