Nose Wax

For Nose Hair Removal

A nose wax and other hair waxing treatments for male facial hair removal can be done by waxing at home or by going for a professional waxing treatment at a beauty salon.

Why would a real man be interested in nose hair removal? Or for that matter, why would a real man even consider any type of hair waxing?

Because nose hair is UGLY! Especially from a woman’s lower height. Heck, women look up into that bushy nostrils of yours! How can you smell anything through all that hair?

As a man gets older, hard, wiry hair start to sprout from all his body openings.

But he also starts to grow unwanted hair on his back, chest, upper arms, buttocks, etc.

While his body hair starts to grow totally unchecked, the hair on his head becomes less and less, and finer!

I can’t help you with the hair on your head. But I can advise you on the best hair remover options, like hair waxing, to get rid of your male body hair. Please find some links to related pages at the bottom of this page.

On this page I want to concentrate on the removal of unwanted nose hair. And more specifically, nose waxing with hot wax hair removal. Everything will even smell better after your nose waxing treatment.

Methods to remove nose hair

Actually there are quite a number of hair removal methods available to any man that wants to get rid of this truly “in your face” hair. The main difference would be in the length of the results you will be able to achieve with each method.
  • Small scissor – use it with great caution inside the nostril.
  • Tweezer – after every hair is plucked out, your eyes and nose will water, making further tweezing quite akward.
  • Nose trimmer – quick hair removal option, but you are left with “designer stubble” nose hair.
  • Laser and electrolysis – very specialised, and not performed by many salons.
  • Waxing – quick hair removal that keep watering of nose and eyes to the minimum, long lasting results.

Nose wax technique

Step 1 – Blow the nose very well.

Step 2 – Apply some baby powder to the inside of the nostril with an ear bud. The powder will absorb any moisture. It will also lift the hair from the skin to help the wax adhere better to the hair.

Step 3 – Test the temperature of the wax on the inside of the wrist. It must feel comfortably warm, but mustn’t burn. Remember the mucous membrane inside the nose is very delicate.

Step 4 – Dip a cotton ear bud in the warmed/melted hot wax. Twist it around to make a nice ball.

Step 5 – Cover all the hair on the inside of the nose to the depth of the cotton wool at the ear bud ends. Do this by rolling the ear bud around.

Step 6 – Press the nostril closed with the fingers to help the wax to adhere to the hair. Hold like this for about 5 seconds.

Step 7 – Take another ear bud and apply the ball of wax to the inside of the other nostril. Press on the outside until the wax is set after a few seconds.

Step 8 – Take hold of the first ear bud and pull it out very fast. Repeat on the other side. There is always a chance that the stick might pull out of the cotton wool. If that happens, you simply take hold of the wax and pull it out quickly.

Step 9 – Do some touch-up on any hair that wasn’t removed the first time. Don’t try to remove the hair deep inside the nose. Just go as deep as the cotton wool.

Step 10 – Apply a little bit of baby oil with an ear bud to the inside of the nose to loosen any wax that might have been left behind.

Step 11 – Any stray hair can now be removed with a tweezer.

Step 12 – Apply a little bit of antiseptic cream to the waxed area.

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