Removing Unwanted Body Hair with Manscaping

What is manscaping?

Manscaping is the act of male grooming by removing unwanted body hair by means of all hair removal methods currently available. Many men want to get rid of a unibrow too. Naturally, the word was derived from landscaping.  
model that used manscaping

Models Use Manscaping to Remove Body Hair To Style Their Look

Modern men hate their body hair. They want to get rid of it. Many men don’t yet feel comfortable to go to beauty salons (frequented by ladies) to request body hair removal treatments. Mostly their knowledge about hair removal starts and ends with shaving. They very quickly discover the result is itching and unwanted stubble. A plan must be made quickly!

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Manscaping by Metrosexual Males

“Metrosexual” describes a straight man in touch with his feminine side. Most Metrosexuals use some or other method to remove unwanted body hair. A “semi-metrosexual” man is happy to do some grooming, like skin exfoliating and moisturizing. He’ll only do hair removal that doesn’t hurt, like shaving or hair removal cream. A “retrosexual” male is defined as the typical male who still very much favors his soap and water grooming routine. The only hair removal he does is to shave his face. He likes to wear a mustache. He only wears aftershave lotion for special occasions. Let’s hope he showers and uses deodorant daily. And he cuts his finger and toe nails. That is how far he is willing to go. If a man has a unibrow he should seriously consider some professional eyebrow grooming to shape the bush into two separate brows. Do give thought to have a professional nose wax about once a month. And don’t forget to do some ear hair removal also! The type of hair removal method a man chooses to use is his personal choice. There are numerous options available, as you will see below.  

Available hair removal methods

The hair removal is done by means of various methods. The hair removal methods that are currently available for manscaping can be divided into four categories, namely:
  1. temporary depilation (hair removed above the skin’s surface),
  2. longer lasting epilation methods (hair pulled out of skin),
  3. semi-permanent photo-epilation (12 months to permanent)
  4. permanent removal with electrolysis.

How to Manscape: Areas suitable for Manscaping

Actually, the WHOLE body! Back of neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, chest, groin, underarms, arms, fingers and toes, legs, eyebrows and inside ears and nostrils.

1. Male Leg Shaving

Most men feel brave enough to start their manscaping journey by shaving their legs with a razor. Or he might decide to use a hair trimmer or even some depilatory cream.

2. Grooming Pubic Hair

When the man becomes more adventurous, he moves on to grooming his pubic area. At first he’ll just trim long pubic hair shorter with a scissor, then progress to a body trimmer or clipper.

3. Pubic Hair Designs

The man is ready for more experiments. He soon discovers he can make different designs in the remaining hair with various removal methods.

4. Pubic Hair Waxing

The obvious next step is to lengthen the “hairless period” to a few weeks with a brazilian wax. Because men like the fact that his “best friend” looks longer, many men decide to keep the look.
manscaping chest with brazilian wax

Example of Manscaping Using Brazilizn Wax

5. Skin Exfoliation Against Ingrown Hair

All body hair removal methods eventually lead to problems with ingrown hair. Skin exfoliation and moisturizing become necessary to keep ingrown hair under control.

6. Get Rid Of Your Unibrow

Find out which measurements to take to determine how much and where the hair must be removed.  
two manscaping examples

Unibrows Can Use Some Manscaping


7. Eyebrow Grooming

Even if a man doesn’t have a unibrow, he can do some cleaning up in order to look well groomed, without looking feminine.

8. Tweezing Eyebrows Into Shape

Have your eyebrows shaped professionally and do maintenance at home by tweezing the regrowth. Find out what you’ll need and what the method is. Use any of the forms I provide on this website to submit stories, make comments or to rate other stories. Offer suggestions, air opinions, ask questions or publish information. Please share your good and bad hair removal experiences with all of us. Are you looking for some specific information, but don’t know where to look for it? Simply follow this link, type what you are looking for into the Search Box and click on the search button. You will be taken there.

Manscaping Kits

Manscaper kits are designed for their ability to reach hard to groom places. Tools need to be professional grade to deliver the precision etching needed. Kits come with multiple interchangeable heads and guides. Don’t confuse manscaping kits with shaving. They are for sculpting hair. We particularly like the Wahl for general manscaping and beard trimming and the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro for back shaving.

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