Male Leg Shaving

How to Shave Male Legs

Male leg shaving is performed as part of the preparation before cycling competitions. Many sportsmen begin leg hair removal to fit in with the group. Soon they do it because they like the feeling and attention it attracts.

One would think that men have had enough of the women in their live’s stubbly legs.

It doesn’t look like it, because men are now shaving their own legs! And their bodies too.

Maybe it is because women do these time consuming chore in privacy and behind closed bathroom doors.

The man only feels the ultra smooth results when he touches his ladies legs, but never sees the action being performed nor how much time it takes.

The leg muscle definition can be seen quite clearly without the hair. Most men can’t really be bothered with the stubble and shave less often than females do. They just don’t want long leg hair, that is all.

Many sportsmen shave their legs

Men with well defined calves like to have smooth legs to show it off. Many of the male sportsmen, especially newbies to the sport of swimming, cycling, body building and gymnastics shave their legs.

Because they are unsure of many things, most of them have the same few questions. They are:

  1. Should I? – Invariably the first question is if they should also do body hair removal like their fellow sportsmen.
  2. Why do it? – Then they want to know why they should do it. Agents of male models, especially underwear and swimwear models, expect them to have smooth bodies. In this profession, body hair just doesn’t work.

  3. How do you do it? – Then they want to know how male leg shaving is done. This is also asked by males all over the world who do not even feel they have to use their sport as a smoke screen. Many men just want to do it, because they don’t want body hair any more.

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Men prefer shaving

Male leg shaving is by no means the only option open to men. There are quite a lot of different hair removal methods available to them.

Most men prefer shaving, because it is totally painless, cheap and fast.

On top of that, men already have everything they need, because they already shave their faces. It can also be done in the privacy of your own bathroom.

OK. You made up your mind that you really want to do body hair removal. You also decided that you want to do it by means of shaving. Excellent. You now want to get some tips on how to do male leg shaving.

Shaving questions and answers

  • Shave or depilation cream? Rather shave. Because men have very course body hair, the depilation product must be kept on the skin for a very long time. This can lead to chemical burns. It is important to do a test patch first.
  • What type of razor should I use? Use the razor you use for your face, because you already have it and know it. You will need a new blade in order to do a good job. A double blade is the absolute minimum. Disposable razors aren’t up to male leg shaving.
  • What type of shaving cream should I use? You have quite a choice. You can use normal bath soap or shower jel, shaving cream/gel or hair conditioner. The skin must just be slippery for the razor to glide over.
  • Do I shave the long hair? No, first use a body groomer or clipper to cut the hair very short. It is faster this way and the blade won’t get clogged as easily.
  • How high should I shave my thighs? That is up to you. Some cyclists also like to do genital hair removal at the same time. Some remove the hair on their forearms too. Some shave off all their body hair.
  • Which areas on the legs are difficult to shave? Definitely the front and back of knees and ankles. The bony areas. Use short, light strokes on these areas. Don’t press hard on the razor when you shave the shins.
  • Do I shave year round or only during summer? Again it’s up to you. Once you start, it is difficult to stop again, because the stubble becomes irritating. If you can get through the stubbly stage you can let the hair grow out during winter.
  • How often should I shave? As often or as seldom as you want to, or need to. The frequency will differ from man to man, depending on how fast his hair grows, how dark it is and how dense his hair regrowth is.

How to shave male legs

Male leg shaving - rinse razor under running water

  • Shower first – Start by taking a nice hot shower or bath to soften the hair. Whichever you prefer. Just don’t shave in the shower with the water running. Why? Because the shaving cream will be rinsed off immediately.
  • Standing or sitting? – As a woman, I find sitting down in the bath while shaving the lower legs most comfortable. Or sit on the side of the bath.
  • Upper legs – How do I shave the upper legs? You’ll have to stand in order to shave the upper legs. You’ll have to twist your upper body to shave the backs of the legs. Naturally you will be standing in the shower. Do what feels most comfortable to you.
  • Shaving cream – Only apply enough shaving product to ensure the razor will glide over the skin. Too much foam will only clog the blades. Rince the razor very often.
  • Direction – Shave with the hair growth direction to avoid ingrown hair. Always start at the groin and work your way down to the ankle. Use long, even, but light strokes.
  • Rinse – Finish by rinsing very well with lukewarm water. Or quickly jump back into a lukewarm shower.
  • Moisturise skin after male leg shaving

  • Disinfect – Apply antiseptic ointment like Bactroban to any nicks and cuts. Be careful with rubbing alcohol, because it is very drying to the skin.
  • Alternatively use Aloe Vera gel on the whole shaven area. You can also mix in a drops of Tea Tree oil.
  • Moisturize – Apply any type of unscented cream, like aqueous cream, on the legs to combat dryness. Baby oil or baby oil gel also works excellent.

Other hair removal methods

Male leg shaving - other epilation methods

Shaving is by no means the only available method. There are numerous hair removal methods to choose from.

If a cyclist ever feels the need to stop using the temporary depilation hair removal method of male leg shaving, there are a number of options available.

All epilation methods remove the hair by the root, leaving the area hair free for several weeks.

The only permanent method is electrolysis.

The epilation methods are waxing, sugaring, epilator and photo epilation (IPL and laser).

The photograph above shows from back to front: epilator, wax, sugaring, tweezer, thread – all placed on the intense pulsed light or IPL device.

See, male leg shaving is very much like shaving your face. The area is just much bigger. Now you only have to start doing it.

Why did you start to shave your legs? Write your own unique story, add a nice photo and I’ll publish it on this website.

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