Male Bodybuilders

Prefer Male Body Shaving

Male bodybuilders remove visible body hair and also change pubic hair length by cutting, trimming or shaving their pubic hair. Some competitors prefer waxing pubic hair before competitions.

Why do bodybuilders shave their bodies?

To show off their hard earned muscle definition, of course!

Judges need to be able to see the muscles they have to assess in order to appoint the category winner.

The presense of body hair dilutes muscle definition to hazy fuzziness.

Bodybuilders must be darkly tanned and/or oiled for competitions.

Male bodybuilders wear tiny speedo-like swimwear on stage during competitions. It means they have to do some serious genital hair removal, especially their bikini hair.

It just wouldn’t look right to have a hairless body with pubic hair curling out of the speedo, now would it? Hell no! Grooming pubic hair have to be done.

Body hair acts as natural “sunblock” for the skin. That doubles the time needed in the sun or on the sunbed to get the necessary tan.

Which hair do they remove?

All visible body hair have to be removed for competitions. Abdominal hair, armpit hair and arm hair removal are done by male bodybuilders.

It is difficult to believe that those burly male bodybuilders with the enormous muscles who are competing in testosterone laden bodybuilding competitions, aren’t all naturally hairless.

Their secret is body shaving. Yes, we are talking about male androgenic hair that is removed by means of male body shaving and waxing.

And definitely the back hair also if they have it. Sooner or later complete male body hair shaving is done by most contestants.

Available hair removal methods

Mens pubic hair and body hair can be removed by various hair removal methods.

The available methods can be roughly divided into temporary, longer lasting, long term and permanent body hair removal for men.

In the same order it escalates from cheapest to most expensive, and also in the same order from fastest to most time consuming methods. Do some testing to find which methods suit you best.

  1. Temporary depilation – shaving, clippers/trimmers, depilation cream and friction.
  2. Longer lasting epilation – waxing, sugaring, tweezing, threading and epilator device.
  3. Long term photo epilation – intense pulsed light or IPL device and laser.
  4. Permanent – the only method is electrolysis.

For obvious reasons some of these methods (friction, tweezing, hair threading and electrolysis) are not suitable for huge body areas. Clippers do not give a smooth finish, but is very handy to trim the hair short before doing another type of hair removal method afterwards.

Some men find veet hair removal creams very harsh on the skin. Chemical burns are no joke. Some men find these creams have just at about no influence on their coarse body hair.

They have to keep the smelly creams on the skin for ages before the hair start to dissolve. Just to be repeated again in a few days’ time.

Most men do not handle the pain of epilation very well, because the hair is removed by the root. Body sugaring is a very good option to try while the man is still uncertain about epilation treatments.

If he decides he can’t go through with the treatment after the product has already been applied, the citrus hair removal can simply be washed off with warm water.

Male body shaving & leg shaving