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Growing male body hair is the sign that an adolescent boy is starting to become a man like his daddy. Mens pubic hair is the first androgenic hair that starts to grow. Then hair starts to grow on other secondary body areas.

Androgenic hair can be found on specific areas on the male body, once adolescence has started.

The main purpose of pubic hair is to indicate a person is starting to become sexually mature.

Once testosterone is secreted when puberty starts, the soft vellus hair changes to coarse androgenic hair at specific body areas.

The pubic area is the first place where the male body hair starts to grow, followed by the underarms.

It is known as primary sexual characteristics. Later hair starts to develop on the face, chest, abdomen, legs, arms, hands, fingers, feet, toes, back and even the buttocks.

This is known as secondary sexual characteristic areas. All men won’t develop hair in all these places, but those are the places men can grow androgenic male body hair.

I used to wish I had some male body hair!

I’m sure every man can remember how intrigued he once was as a young child by his daddy’s daily shaving ritual.

You might even have tried the male facial hair removal act of shaving your non-existant beard yourself. Why, even girls try to copy daddy!

All children have soft vellus hair covering their entire bodies. These hair is so fine as to be nearly invisible.

Once a girl reaches puberty she will also start to grow androgenic hair. But on fewer body areas than the boys. Women mainly grow coarser hair on the pubic area, underarms, forearms and legs.

When a woman grows hair in the male hair growth pattern on her body it is called hirsutism. There is a high propability that there are problems with her hormonal levels. She might have too much male hormones (testosterone) in her body. Medical treatment is necessary to correct the imbalance.

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Info about male body hair

Human hair – There is a huge difference between human hair and animal hair. Police forensics only have to find one hair on a crime scene to be able to identify the criminal. Hair on every body area has its own special characteristics.

Body hair – This hair is totally different to those found on the head. The anagen phase or growing phase of hair on the head is much longer than those on the body. The telogen phase or resting phase of body hair can be up to one year in length, but is much shorter for hair on the head.

Follicle density – The density of follicles determine how many hair there is at a specific body area.

Follicle depth – Some hair has shallow follicles and other has deep follicles. This indicates how thick or coarse the hair is. Hair can be few, but very coarse. Or there can be many, but thin hair. Genetics determine this.

Characteristics – Get some info about the different characteristics of hair.

Hair regrowth – How slow or fast the regrowth will be is totally dependent upon genetics. How young you start to shave, or how often you shave, doesn’t cause the hair to grow faster, stronger or thicker.

Racial characteristics – This play a huge part in how hairy a body will be. People belonging to the mongoloid and negroid races have very little body hair. The caucasoid race grows a lot of body hair. The hairiest whites are the dark haired, dark skinned people found around the Mediterranean Sea.

Fitzpatrick classification – Humans are also classified into different groups according to their skin types. This is called the Fitzpatrick classification from skin type I (fairest) to VI (darkest). The color of hair and skin is determined by the amount of melanin present.

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