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Laser hair removal facts cover topics like the history of lasers, laser classification, laser treatment costs, laser hair removal risks, remove tattoo with laser, suitable skin types, etc

Harmless soft lasers are used by physiotherapists to treat muscles and sprains.

Hard lasers can ablate or vaporise tissue, coagulate blood and can penetrate tissue.

Hard lasers are classified according to the specific wavelengths at which they operate.

Each laser has only one specific function and it is built for that application according to its unique specifications.

Hard lasers are also known as medical lasers and are used by medical practitioners. Therapists who use these machines should work under a doctor’s supervision and good training is of the utmost importance.

The use of lasers and other light (photo) equipment is relatively new to the cosmetic industry, but has grown significantly in recent years. They are very popular because it has been proven that very good aesthetic results can be achieved.

Photo epilation hair removal was the third most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure in 2009. Over 1,28 million treatments were done during that time. A laser beam is totally different from any other light beam.

The energy that is delivered to the skin is measured in Joules (J). Example: 1 Watt of power for 1 second gives 1 Joules (J=W x s). The area on which energy is directed is measured in cm2. Therefore fluence is J/cm2. The higher the fluence, the more harm can be done.

The power can be delivered in pulses. The pulse repetition rate is the amount of pulses the machine releases in a second. This can be set to deliver single pulses or extremely short bursts of pulses per second.

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