Ingrown Hair

Razor Burn, Barber Bump, Razor Burn, Folliculitis, Pseudo-folliculitis

An ingrown hair is caused by a distorted follicle. The hair stays trapped underneath the skin, but keeps on growing.

The skin often become inflamed and sometimes the follicle gets infected.

When that happens, you need to go to the doctor, because it might be folliculitis.

Re-consider wearing very close fitting undergarments for two days after any hair removal has been done at the sensitive bikini area.

What does an ingrown hair look like?

Sometimes the hair follicle can become infected. The condition can differ from mild redness to severe cases that needs medical intervention, like the photo left.

Symptoms include tenderness, rash, red bumps, itching, swelling, hair visible under skin.
Surgical Intervention For Ingrown Hair

Eventually infection and pus can collect (postule) under the skin. By this time the area is very sensitive or even painful. Males and females and all body areas are affected. Even virgin hair can become grown in.

In severe and repeated infection, darkening of tissue, also called keloid scarring, can occur. This scarring mostly occur at the back of the neck and then it is called pseudofollicular nuchae.

When the scarring occurs on the throat it is called pseudofolliculitis barbae or folliculitis barbae. Would you like to see some pictures of folliculitis infections?

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What is the correct name?

A hair that is trapped under the skin can be called many names. It is also known as razor burn or razor bump, barber’s bump, etc.

It doesn’t matter what you prefer to call it. They all describe the condition where a growing hair is trapped underneath the skin’s surface.

There are usually two outcomes. The hair can either turn back into the follicle, or it will keep on growing sideways underneath the skin (see the graphic above).

A third outcome is when it turns back into the follicle. Then it is called a transfollicular ingrown hair. Medical intervention is often needed to set the hair free.

The definition of folliculitis is: “Fungal or bacterial infection of the hair follicle.”

The definition of an ingrown hair is: “A hair that does not emerge from the follicle, but remains embedded in the skin.”

The important difference between the two is the infection that sets in with folliculitis. Sometimes with permanently disfiguring results.

Who are the sufferers?

People with naturally coarse, curly hair are affected more than those with straight, fine hair. This condition is very common among African (30-40%), Jewish and mediterranean nationalities who naturally have coarse, tightly curly hair.

These ethnic groups are very prone to transfollicular ingrown hair. The hair stays trapped inside the follicle, then keeps on growing and infection can set in.

Hair that is trapped under the skin have irritated and distorted follicles. The thickened skin surface prevents the hair from exiting the skin properly.

The hair keeps on growing, and all the while it looks for another place to exit the skin. Not finding a place, it simply keeps on growing under the skin.

Hair can be irritated by all the different ways people apply to get rid of body hair. The continuous shafing of clothing is another culprit. Shaving is considered the leading cause of ingrown hair.

Body areas most commonly affected are beard, throat, underarms, legs and pubic region. But it can appear anywhere.

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