Ingrown Hair Prevention Tips

Ingrown Pubic Or Facial Hair

Ingrown hair prevention tips for use to get rid of nasty hair bumps and skin rashes. Why do you get ingrown hair? It is common after performing hair removal. Where can you get ingrown hair? On your whole body!

An ingrown hair isn’t automatically folliculitis. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The hair follicle of an ingrown hair shows visible signs of inflammation and irritation. The skin is red, tender, swollen and might feel warm when touched.

But normally no fungal or bacterial infection is present in an ingrown hair.

The definition of ingrown hair is: A hair that does not emerge from the follicle but remains embedded inside the skin.

Folliculitis is defined as fungal or bacterial infection in a follicle. Would you like to see some pictures of folliculitis inflamed and infected hair follicles?

General ingrown hair prevention tips

  1. Pubic area – To prevent and treat ingrown hair in the pubic area you should try wearing looser pants, underwear or shorts. The problem might resolve itself.
  2. Collars – Re-consider wearing hard shirt collars that shafe the neck on a daily basis if you are troubled by ingrown hair at the nape of the neck.
  3. When home – If the above is impossible, then take off these clothes when you get home and dress in something loose and comfy.
  4. Healing time – It is wise to avoid tight fitting underwear or pants for 1-3 days after any bikini line hair removal has been done at the sensitive bikini area, because the skin is still healing.
  5. Exfoliate – About 48 hours after waxing you should start with very gentle skin exfoliation of the newly waxed skin.
  6. Brushing – Daily dry skin brushing is excellent to get rid of dead skin cells covering the follicle openings on the whole body. Do brushing at least every second day, but preferably every day.
  7. Moisturize – Use an unscented moisturizer like aqueous cream or Aloe Vera gel every time after your bath or shower.

Specific ingrown hair prevention tips

  1. With what? – Exfoliate the affected skin every day, or at least every second day, by using your preferred and proven method, eg exfoliating cream, glove or special mesh sponge.
  2. Method – Mix any ingrown hair home remedy or scrub and use it every second or third day. Rub this mixture in light circular motions over the affected area for a few minutes and rinse well afterwards.
  3. How often? – Play it safe to prevent ingrown hair by following the after waxing care tips every day. Spend your time only on what really works.
  4. Moisturize – The best ingrown hair prevention tips you can follow is to moisturise daily by using any unscented cream or Aloe Vera gel.
  5. Treat cuts – Apply an antiseptic ointment like Bactroban to the treated area. Use a topical antibiotic cream on all nicks and cuts. Apply soothing and disinfecting Tea Tree Oil on irritated areas to keep infection at bay.
  6. No alcohol – Remember to moisturize the skin with any of the Aloe Vera products after all hair removal methods. Avoid alcohol-based after shaving lotions for some time, because it dries the skin too much. Rather use Witch Hazel or Apple Cider vinegar.
  7. Loose underwear – Wear loose fitting underwear like boxer shorts for at least two days after any body hair removal has been done near the pubic area to aviod getting bikini bumps or ingrown pubic hairs.
  8. Release hair – Use a sterilized thin needle or sharp pointed tweezer to remove an ingrown hair from clean skin. Sterilize instruments by boiling or by putting it in alcohol for a minute or two before and after use.
  9. Wear stubble – Treating razor bumps or shaving pimples and waxing pumps can best be done by leaving the hair to grow a little longer and by exfoliating daily.
  10. Clipper – Consider using an alternative hair removal method until the problem of ingrown hair is solved. A good idea is to use an electric or battery shaver or clipper to keep designer stubble neat.

Shaving tips to prevent ingrown hair

The main cause of ingrown hair is shaving. Following proper shaving techniques is sure to work.

Of course the follicle of a virgin hair, meaning a hair that has never been tampered with, can also become infected.

By following a few tips while shaving, you can greatly reduce the occurrence of shaving pimples or bumps. Find some handy shaving tips below:

  1. Warm skin – Always shave after a hot bath or shower, because both the hair and skin have been softened and thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Sharp blade – Use a good quality razor with a sharp blade. Resist going over the same area more than twice.
  3. Direction – Shave with (not against) the hair growth direction. Use short strokes and apply gentle pressure.
  4. Rinse often – Rinse the razor under hot, running water after each stroke. Rinse face and razor very well after each shave.
  5. Don’t stretch – If the skin is stretched while shaving, the hair will be shaven off under the skin surface. The hair’s muscle will pull it back into the skin, causing the skin to grow over the opening. This means you might soon be treating razor bumps.

  6. Never share – One ingrown hair prevention tip you should follow is never to share razors with anyone else, because continuous cross infection can take place.
  7. Shaving products – Change to a moisturising shaving cream, gel, oil or even hair conditioner. In bad cases of ingrown hair, shaving bumps, razor bumps or razor burn use Vaseline or Baby Oil to shave with.
  8. Sterilize – In recurring cases it will be wise to sterilize the razor before and after each use by immersing it in alcohol for a few minutes.
  9. Wear stubble – Consider using your clippers for a while instead of shaving. Wear “designer stubble” or even a beard for some time. At least until the affected follicles are healed, because when a hair reaches a certain length it can’t grow back into the skin anymore.
  10. Prevention – Treating ingrown hair is necessary, but prevention is always better than cure. Just apply the ingrown hair prevention tips that are known to work and you will be OK.

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