Infected Ingrown Hair

Caused by Body Hair Removal

Infected ingrown hair is the one thing you will share with everyone who perform body hair removal. Why? Because the follicles become irritated and distorted. That can quickly lead to an ingrown hair that might become infected.

Ingrown hair can become infected with fungus or bacteria and then it is called folliculitis.

Would you like to see some folliculitis pictures?

I’m sure you have had numerous ingrown hair through the years!

Where is the most unlikely place you’ve had yours? I’m sure you are still convinced yours was the worst one ever!

This man uses chemical hair removal cream to remove his chest hair on a regular basis.

Of course shaving is the number one culprit when it comes to causes of ingrown hair.

Treating an infected ingrown hair

You simply know you have a problem when you wake up with itching skin that is an angry red and swollen.

The worst is to wait for the hair to come to the surface like in the photo.

You can add heat and moisture to the area to hasten the process. Apply a washcloth and hot water.

The heat draws the hair to the surface and the moisture softens the skin so the hair can grow through it.

If it doesn’t happen on its own, you’ll have to play doctor and “operate”.

Sterilize a thin, sharp needle in alcohol or boiling water. Carefully open the skin to let the hair and pus out. Remember the antibacterial ointment afterwards.

Don’t tweeze the hair out, but rather cut it short with a scissor. The skin will take a few days to heal. When it is healed it is the right time to start with some skin exfoliation to ensure other hair won’t follow suit.

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