Infected Hair Follicle

Infected Ingrown Hair

When an infected hair follicle becomes contaminated with the staphylococcus virus or bacteria, folliculitis treatment by a doctor might be necessary, especially when deep folliculitis is present.

It is important to know that folliculitis and ingrown hair are not the same thing.

Take care that an ingrown hair follicle doesn’t become infected by bacteria or a virus. Why?

Because an infected ingrown hair can very easily change into superficial folliculitis or even deep folliculitis.

Superficial folliculitis can quite succesfully be treated with several topical creams that are readily available at drug stores without a prescription.

Prevention is always better than cure. Prevent the hair from becoming an ingrown hair. Follicle irritation should be avoided as far as possible, before you are bothered by an infected hair follicle or ten.

The main culprits leading to an infected hair follicle are shaving too close, and the continuous shafing of tight clothes. Ingrown pubic hair is caused by tight underwear elastics. Keep the skin well hydrated and soft with moisturizers so the shaven hair can get through it.

Keep skin from growing over the follicle opening by performing dry skin brushing. This should be done every day before your bath, but at least once a week. But doint it too seldom is really asking for trouble.

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