Congenital Hypertrichosis

Ambras Syndrome

Congenital hypertrichosis is not the same as excessive body hair growth caused by female hirsutism. Excessive cases of this condition are called werewolf or ambras syndrome.

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Is it the same as hirsutism?

There is a huge difference between the causes of the two types of excess body hair. Hirsutism hair is caused by the presence of male hormones.

Hypertrichosis is abnormal and excessive hair growh anywhere on the body of a person of any age, sex or ethnic group.

The congenital condition results in excessive body hair that may cover the entire face and entire body in many cases. This is known as the werewolf syndrome. Luckily it is a very rare condition worldwide.

Hypertrichosis simply means there is inexplained excessive hairiness at a body area. These hair are normally present from birth to death. It can be found anywhere on the bodies of both sexes.

The spot of excessive hair can be as small as a tiny hairy mole. Or the whole body can be covered with hair. Different races have different amounts of body hair. The amount of body hair is normally inherited from the parents. It’s in the genes.

The werewolf syndrome

In the most severe cases the body can be totally covered with hair. This is known as the werewolf syndrome. The medical term is ambras syndrome. Huge differences in severity of the condition can be found.

Werewolf sufferers have a specific gene present that leads to this medical condition. It is not the same medical condition that leads to excessive hairiness in women who suffer from hirsutism.

Hirsutism in women is caused by problems with the endocrine system that releases the male androgen hormones in the body. These women have an excess of male androgen hormones in their bodies.

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This leads to unwanted hair grows in a male androgen dependent pattern on the female body. This is a medical condition that must be treated by a medical doctor after performing numerous tests to determine hormone levels.

Hirsutism can have various causes and can lead to infertility, because ovulation and menstruation are ceased.

Most polysistic ovary syndrome (PCOS) sufferers are affected by excessive hairiness. Very severe cases can lead to virilization (looking like man).

The abnormal and unwanted hairiness that women with hirsutism have on their bodies is because of faulty male hormone secretion.

The severity is measured on the Ferriman Gallaway 1-4 sliding scale. The 9 areas that are measured are: upper lip, chin, upper chest, lower chest, stomach, arms, groin, buttocks and back.

The causes can be inherited, infection, disease or injury. It can lead to acne, obesity and infertility.

Answers to many questions concerning this medical illness can be found here.

Explains why excessive facial and body hair as result of hypertrichosis isn’t the same thing as hairiness because of hirsutism illness. Also touches on the devastating effect of the sufferer’s self-image.

Especially around thinning of the hair on the head – which luckily isn’t in the normal pattern nature follows when a man starts to become bald.

On this page women suffering with polysistic ovarian syndrome or PCOS are asked to share which medical treatments they followed in search of a cure.

PCOS sufferers also have the added frustration of hypertrichosis.By sharing their treatment regime with other women, they can help others to find a cure for their illness faster.

They should also share which treatments didn’t work for them so that other women don’t waste precious time on it too.

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