Hot Wax Hair Removal

Perfect For Pubic Hair Removal

Hot wax hair removal can be used for full body wax or pubic hair waxing of male clients, because male body hair might be too coarse and dense for cold waxing to be successful.

If a man has little and soft body hair, cold waxing can be considered.

Most of my male clients prefer hot wax hair removal above cold wax everywhere on their bodies.

They are of the opinion the warm type is much kinder to the skin than the cool type.

For hygienic purposes all wax products are only used once and then discarded.

It is recommended to use this type of wax to remove hair from the genitals of both males and females.

Are you wondering on which body parts hot wax hair removal can be used to remove unwanted hair?

Anywhere, but specifically where the body hair grows very coarse and dense.

What is hot wax hair removal?

Hot wax is a chemical substance made with resin and beeswax as main ingredients.

A soothing agent, known as essential oil, is added to the wax and is responsible for the different fragrances and colors. It can be azulene, chamomile, aloe vera, tea tree, lavender, rose and many others.

The soothing agent is added to both wax varieties. The colors can be yellow, pink, green, brown, lilac, etc.

Nowadays you get a special wax for every special need. Take a look at the photo above. The tin to the left contains hot wax and the tin to the right is film wax.

Film wax is fantastic to work with! There are special wax for sensitive skins and people with allergies.

Hot wax is the chemical equivalent of the 100% natural sugaring paste or sugaring ball that has been used since ancient Egypt to get rid of unwanted body hair.

The melting point of hot wax is about 50 degrees Celcius and the working temperature is about 55 degrees Celcius.

Cold, hot and film wax

Is there a difference? Yes, a huge one.

Even though all three are heated, they differ in consistency, application method and removal method.

The success rate increases dramatically when the hot wax hair removal is used on especially very hairy men.

Men with soft, sparse body hair are good candidates for cold waxing. The cosmetologist decides which wax should be used.

Cold wax is “see-through” and remains very sticky. It is applied very thinly and must be removed by means of some type of waxing strip. Suitable to use on female body hair. Hair can be quite short. Not very successful on hair with deep follicles like most male body hair and pubic hair.

Hot wax is opaque and not sticky at all. It is applied quite thickly, sets as it cools and is removed with the fingers while still pliable. Hair must be a little longer than for the cold waxing method to be removed successfully. Because many males have thick body hair with dense and very deep follicles, some degree of failure is possible when cold wax is used for male body hair removal.

Film wax is something between cold wax and hot wax. It isn’t sticky and is opaque. It stays pliable, making removal so much easier. It has the positives of both methods, without the negatives. It is removed without the help of waxing strips.

Hot wax for pubic hair

Hot wax should ideally be used for all male and female bikini line hair removal.


Because pubic hair are very coarse with very deep follicles.

Cold wax hair removal products just aren’t up to the job to remove male pubic hair successfully.

This is even more true about male brazilian waxes.

Pubic hair can very easily break off during the cold waxing treatment and this can lead to nasty ingrown hair with its own set of irritating problems.

This mostly happens when the cosmetologist chooses to use cold wax for the brazilian wax job at hand.

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Hot wax hair removal technique

Prepare skin as described in the useful waxing tips page. If the hair is too long, it must be cut shorter.

The wax is heated to a comfortable level by using any of a few methods. An electric wax warmer is fantastic, but can range from very basic to very fancy.

Heated wax is applied to the unwanted body hair and ripped off very quickly, taking the hair with it.

Heat hot wax to a comfortable temperature and test temperature on inside of wrist. Wax can be heated:

  • in a microwave oven inside a microwave safe container,
  • on the stove inside a pot of boiling water,
  • decanted into a pot used just for the wax on a stove plate,
  • decanted into an electric frying pan or baby bottle warmer, and
  • professional wax warmers.

Always use wooden spatulas to apply wax. Never use anything metal, because it retains heat and can burn the skin.

Applying hot wax to skin

Prepare the skin as described in the waxing tips page. This important step must not be neglected.

This is mainly to remove oil and dirt from the skin so the wax can adhere better.

The hot wax hair removal technique requires that warmed wax be applied very thickly to the unwanted hair with a spatula.

Be careful to apply wax against the direction of hair growth. Wind a good amount of wax around spatula to cover 5cmx5cm and to prevent drips.

Make sure all the outside edges are thick.

When hot wax cools down too much, it becomes hard and can break. It is very unpleasant for the client when the cosmetologist chips away at this thin, hard wax.

To ensure that the wax gets a very good grip on the hair, you can use a to-and-fro motion (much like smearing sticky peanut butter on bread) or even a circling motion while applying the wax.

This is why many cosmetologists prefer to use film wax, because it stays pliable even when cooled down completely.

While the hot wax is still pliable, the starting point from where the wax will be ripped from, must be loosened from the skin. This results in uncomfortable pulling of the client’s body hair. So be quick.

Ripping off hot wax

Use the free hand to stretch the skin with the hair growth direction. For example when waxing the front lower leg, stretch the skin by pulling the skin nearest to the foot.

Take hold of the loosened tip and rip the wax off against the hair growth direction.

Immediately apply pressure with the free hand you used to stretch the skin. This lessens the pain.

You can use hot wax hair removal everywhere the client wants to remove unwanted body hair.

Tweeze out stray hair rather than reapplying wax to already waxed skin. The warmed skin can very easily be ripped off.

The photo above shows Aloe Vera gel and Teatree Oil that can be mixed into Baby oil. Use this to clean and disinfect the skin afterwards.

Throw away all the used wax. The most important waxing safety precaution is to never re-use hot wax. The heated wax is an excellent breeding place for germs. This can lead to skin infections or even folliculitis.

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