Male Hair Growth Patterns

The definition of hirsutism is: the presence of excessive hair growth in women at male androgen-dependent body sites. This terminal hair growth occur in a male sexual hair growth pattern on the female body.

Can men have this condition?
No. It is a female medical condition caused by endocrine deficiency.

The women’s hormones are all wrong.

Sufferers need to go to their gyneacologists for a thorough checkup.

It is much more than simply being a little too hairy.

This condition is mostly caused by diseases, injury, infection or exogenous medications.

This can lead to androgen hormone excess, with the accompanying unwanted excess body hair.

Who are the sufferers?

The sufferer could have inherited the deficient endocrine system from either one of her parents.

Many menopausal women are under the impression that their symptoms are due to menopause, but it rarely is the case.

It is because their hormones are all over the place.

It isn’t uncommon for very young women in their twenties to have these symptoms.

Doctors like to prescribe the contraceptive pill, but it often aggravates the condition.

What causes the condition?

The most common causes are polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and idiopathic causes. In the USA, about 70% of patients with PSOS are affected. They share their sorrows on the Soul Cysters blog.

The idiopathic type is a diagnosis of exclusion. Patients with this malady’s total testosterone levels may be normal, although free testosterone levels are almost always too high.

Emotional stress may also be a cause. Other causes can be an injury or infection.

How is it diagosed?

Hirsute Woman Suffering From Hirsutism Hirsutism is a very difficult illness to diagnose correctly.

It can take years before the correct diagnosis is made and the right treatment regime implemented.

PCOS is an acronym for the illness Polysystic Ovary Syndrome. Excessive hairiness is just one of the symptoms.

The use of proper terminology is quite confusing, but very important in describing excessive hair growth correctly.

This ilness takes a lot out of a women (actually the whole family too) suffering from this disease.

I strongly urge previous sufferers of this terrible condition to share their stories with others.

Tell other sufferers what caused your illness and which treatments you found helpful so their recuperation time can be shortened.

What is virilisation?

The woman starts to resemble a man. It is when the hormonal imbalance is associated with the development of manly traits. The severity can range from mild to extremely bad.

The terminal hair that start to grow is coarse, hard and mostly darkly pigmented. The hairline can start to recede, the voice can deepen, the female body shape is lost and the genitals change.

It must be remembered that both sexes have a very wide range of what is considered as “normal” hair growth, based on racial as well as ethnic predisposition.

The Ferriman Gallaway system is used universally. Nine body areas are assessed by assigning points from 1 to 4 (4 being the most severe). Read more about this at the hirsute women page.

What are the symptoms?

  1. Abrupt onset and/or rapid progression of localised unwanted hair growth on typically male hair growth areas.
  2. In more severe cases there is virilisation – manly traits develop.
  3. Facial acne and male pattern baldness can develop.
  4. There is deepening of the voice.
  5. Muscle mass increases without exercising.
  6. The breast size decreases visibly.
  7. Amenorrhoea, or ceasing of menstruation.
  8. The clitoris becomes enlarged (clitorimegaly)
  9. A marked increase in libido is experienced.

Available treatments

The first line of treatment would be to go to a gyneacologist to have the correct test done. Many women don’t get relief from traditional treatments.

This is a devastating condition to suffer with, but luckily there are help available. Are you interested to know which natural treatments are available for this medical condition?

I recommend the book Natural Ovarian Cyst And PCOS Relief Secrets by Laura Hennings. It is accompanied by 4 bonus books. Read the stories of 15 women who used this method to cure themselves.

What is hypertrichosis?

It is the medical name for excessive hairiness. It is the presence of increased hair growth in men as well as women of all ages at any body site.

Hypertrichosis induced hair growth as result of Anorexia Nervosa can be fine, long, soft hair. Or hair can be coarse and dark.

The hair is mostly on the face, trunk and arms. Sometimes the affected area can be extensive, or as small as a hairy mole. It is often called a birth mark.

The excessive hair growth caused by hypertrichosis is totally inappropriate for the area of the body, age or sex of the person. Multiple drugs can be the cause, but the patho-physiology of drug-induction is unknown.

Severe cases of Anorexia Nervosa can also result in the growth of fine hair all over the body. This is the body’s way of trying to keep itself warm.

Hyperthyroidism can also lead to hypertrichosis. Excessive body hair as result of hirsutism usually presents in a typically male hair growth pattern on the female body.

What is male hair growth pattern?

Beautiful Asian Hirsutism Sufferer Androgenic male body hair grows in a typical pattern that is associated with men.

Females normally don’t have body hair on the chest, back, shoulders, etc. Most males have hair in these places. Photo Hairy Actress

The affected body areas are:
upper lip, underarms, upper and forearms, back of neck, sideburns, chin, central chest, abdomen, whole pubic area, upper inner thigh, shoulders and the back.

It is a fact that males are mostly hairier than females. That is considered as normal.

Males also have terminal hair on body parts where females mostly have fine vellus hair.

When a woman grows hair on these typically male androgenic body areas it is called hirsutism. It can be related to hormonal imbalance.

Racial differences and hairiness

A large number of Mediterranean and Asian (especially Indian) females are more hairy than their fair counterparts. Hairiness is also known as hypertrichosis.

Women who are hairy do not necessarily have raised male hormone levels, but an imbalance may be present. It is in their genes. The men from the same countries are also quite hairy.

All races have similar androgen and oestrogen levels, despite striking differences in the amount of body hair. Whites have more hair than African Americans, Asians and Native Americans (Indians).

The number of hair follicles per unit of skin varies among ethnic groups (Mediterranean > Nordic > Asian). Asians rarely have facial hair or body hair outside the pubic and axillary or underarm regions.

White women of Mediterranean background have heavier hair growth and a higher incidence of excess facial hair than women of Nordic ancestry, who are blond and very fair skinned.

Hairiness vs hirsutism

Elevated adreno-corticotrophic hormone levels (which increase the adrenal secretion of cortisol, aldosterone and androgens) is a rare cause of this problem.

The development of unwanted excess body hair (hairiness) may occur in association with many inherited syndromes. The use of certain medications (especially androgens or hormones) can definitely also trigger it.

Another cause of hirsutism is the presence of ovarian or pituitary/adrenal tumours. Excessive hairiness can also occur as a normal variant. Because insulin stimulates ovarian hormone production, insulin resistance can also cause hairiness.

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