Hirsute women hate
their unwanted body hair

by Unknown contributor

Body hair of hirsute woman

Do all hirsute women hate their unwanted body hair as much as I hate mine?

This condition effects my life on a daily basis. Let's start with how expensive it is to buy razors and waxing kits monthly.

This can get very expensive. Not to mention, time consuming and painful when waxing.

The worst part about being overly hairy, is that I have to hide my body. I can't wear a bathing suit, shorts, skirts or anything else that will reveal my hair.

Also, my relationship with my husband suffers, because I have to shave every time I want to be intimate with him. Or decline intimacey if I have not shaved or wax.

I just want to be free to uncover myself without feeling embarrassed or abnormal.

I can't afford lazer hair removal at this point and time, but if I could afford it, I would certainly work on getting the hair removed A.S.A.P.

Thanks for allowing me to vent. For all of those women out there suffering from this problem, you are not alone. I feel your pain.

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their unwanted body hair

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Jun 21, 2013
There is hope for hirsute women
by: Anonymous

I suffered with unwanted hair so much as a young teenager. I didn't do anything to my face because I was scared of making the problem worse. At 15, I went to see my doctor who suggested electrolysis, and suggested a specific place.

I started going regularly for thermolysis by a very skilled electrologist. I have never looked back. My face was cleared in six months. I went on to do other body areas as well.

Electrolysis DOES work - I know it is expensive and time consuming, but honestly, once you have it done on an area, the emotional pain gets released too. Start with whatever bothers you most - and find a good electrologist.

Maybe you can do it in combination with laser - although I think laser isn't a good solution as it isn't proven to be permanent, and it is so expensive anyway. I think you are better off to invest the money in a permanent solution.

Good luck to you.

Karina's comment:

That is fantastic advice from someone who experienced it first hand. Laser operators try to tell users that results are permanent. That isn't true.

I repeatedly stress all over my website that only electrolysis give permanent results. Here is the proof.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Best of luck with the rest of the treatments.

Jun 19, 2011
All hirsute women automatically has my sympathy
by: Karina from Hairremoval4guys

Thank you very much for sharing you heartbreaking story with all of us! I understand it took a lot of courage to write so frankly about your problem.

You din't mention if female facial hair removal is also part of your quick hair removal treatments.

At home waxing is a very good option, but like you said, the best hair remover option available to you, is definitely laser or intense pulsed light.

I hope you don't suffer with infected ingrown hair, because sadly that is what can happen with female body hair removal.

Female hirsutism and all the excessive androgen hormones lead to your unwanted body hair. It is therefore of the utmost importance to get the necessary hirsutism treatments from a medical practitioner.

But it is very important that the body must be healed first, otherwise even laser wouldn't work.

Please discuss your problem with your husband so you can work together to get your body healed. He must be informed to try to understand what you are going through daily!

Together you can implement a plan of action to save money for your laser treatments.

All the best on your road to recovery! Thanks again for sharing your problem with us. A problem shared, is a problem halved.

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