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Hair waxing is popular as body hair removal for men. Find handy waxing tips, waxing safety precautions info, explanation of correct waxing techniques, different waxes, how to heat wax, after care to prevent ingrown hair, etc.

Male body hair waxing is an epilation hair removal method.

Epilation means the hair plus the whole root is removed from the skin by force.

A new hair has to be “built” from scratch inside the hair follicle.

And you have a few weeks of blissful hairlessness.

These new hair grow out with soft tapered tips. Waxing is the ideal method for men to remove unwanted body hair.

Male body waxing can be done with cold waxing. Or, if you don’t like the stickiness of cold wax, hot wax hair removal can be used. The hair waxing procedure is more painful with cold wax than with its hot or film type alternatives.

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One piece of waxing equipment that makes this depilation process easier is an electric wax warmer. So, if you are thinking about waxing at home, I suggest you seriously considering buying yourself one.

It is advisable to follow a few basic waxing safety precautions to ensure that bacterial infections are kept at bay. Nothing drastic. Just work hygenic and all will be fine. Keep ingrown hair away by following the after care tips.

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Other available hair removal methods

  • Sugaring hair removal is the 100% natural alternative to chemical waxing you saw on this page. It is used in the same way, but easy to clean and very cheap to prepare.
  • Many men prefer to use an electrical or battery operated clipper to shorten the body hair without removing it by the root.
  • If you are interested in longer term depilation, I can point you in the direction of photo epilation. You have a choice between laser and IPL or intense pulsed light devices.

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  • Read about the frustrations and emotional pain suffered by hairy women all over the world. This is called hypertrichosis and most hirsutism sufferers have this symptom.
  • Ever wondered why hair grows faster and in different amounts on the various body parts? Read about the growth cycle of human body hair.
  • Removal of body hair by a man is called manscaping. One of the most popular beauty salon requests is the brazilian wax job.

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