Hair Shaft Is

Hard Durable Protein Called Keratin

A hair shaft is a dead structure composed of hard durable protein called keratin. Humans have soft vellus and coarse androgenic terminal hair while unborn foetuses have lunago hair.

The hair shaft is the visible part of a hair which extends above the skin. Millions of hair together on a head are described as your “Crowning Glory”. People, and especially females, can spend endless hours grooming their hair.

We humans wash, condition, colour, curl, comb, tweeze, bleach, perm, dry, pull, heat and just about destroy our hair in the quest to look presentable. The media exploit people’s vulnerability and that is costing consumers a lot of money.

Body hair get subjected to hair removal methods like shaving, clipping, tweezing, waxing, sugaring, threading, chemical removal, light based methods removal and electrolysis in an effort to get rid of it.

Hair on all the different body parts can be removed by the various methods of removal, ranging from temporary (shaving) to permanent (electrolysis).

The hair growing on the body are classified as:

  • capilli – head
  • barba – face
  • supercilia – eyebrows
  • cilia – eyelashes
  • vibrassae – nostrils
  • tragi – ears
  • hirci – armpit
  • pubes – pubic region

General Condition Of Hair