Grooming Pubic Hair

Removal Or Styling Of Pubic Hair

Grooming pubic hair is high fashion. Questions like how to trim pubic hair and how to shave pubic hair are asked all the time. Males want pubic hair trimming tips and advice.

You want to do some male pubic hair removal. But you need lots of information!

You have nobody you can ask. I understand your problem.

OK, you are at the right place to get useful info.

Men shaving pubic hair they don’t want is obviously the easiest and best known way.

The loose skin must be pulled taught at all times to ensure you don’t cut yourself at this sensitive area.

I don’t recommend hair removal lotions on this sensitive skin. If kept on too long, the skin can be burnt and will even blister.

To use an epilator device here would mean excrusiating pain, that goes on and on and on. Grooming pubic hair shouldn’t be so painful. That way you will only do it once and never again.

Grooming pubic hair is a personal choice Have you perhaps considered a brazilian wax job? Would you really like to know more about the brazilian waxing technique that is used in a salon before you have the treatment done? I recomment hair waxing for grooming pubic hair without hassles .

To see whether you like the look and feel of short, or even no pubic hair, you should start by doing some pubic hair trimming. Use any body trimmer or special pubic hair clippers for the purpose.

Are you pleasantly surprised because
suddenly “HE” looks so much bigger?

If you decide afterwards that you prefer long pubic hair, you can relax, because the pubic hair growth cycle is quite fast. Some people eel it is too fast.

You don’t have to do pubic hair grooming just because a lot of other guys are doing it. You have to live with your body. So do what you feel comfortable with.

Are there different pubic hair grooming styles?

There are actually quite a few pubic hair waxing styles available to choose from.

  1. Naturally long – the pubic hair stays as nature intended it to grow.
  2. Trimmed – the pubic hair is trimmed with a trimmer/clipper to various lengths by clipping on different sized spacers.
  3. Landing strip – various amounts of hair are left, ranging from removing everything outside the underwear line to leaving a very narrow landing strip.
  4. Stencil design – pubic hair styling by using pubic hair stencils to make patterns in the pubic hair by cutting and shaving the hair outside the stencils.
  5. Hair dye – pubic hair art by applying some pubic hair color to ensure the pubic hair cuts will be very visible.
  6. Bald – no pubic hair at all by shaving your pubic hair or with any depilatory cream, or waxing pubic hair you don’t want.
  7. Permanent – long term photo epilation with a laser or IPL device, is only for the men who really, really want to have the look for a long time – even up to permanently.

Pubic hair grooming tips

Use antibacterial cream after grooming pubic hair

Make very sure you don’t get infected hair follicles. That is just horrible.

Use any antibacterial cream or ointment for at least three days to keep the skin soft and free of germs.

Remember to do skin exfoliation at lest every second day thereafter.

This is necessary to keep the follicle opening open for the hair to grow through.

Your pubic hair art can be enhanced further by using special pubic hair color. Be sure to keep your pubic hair stencils for quick and easy maintenance. When you want to change the design, you should let the hair grow to a uniform length first.

Naturally manscaping isn’t limited to just grooming pubic hair. You can use the same pubic hair stencil on your chest hair. Or use different sizes together. Or anywhere else on the body. You are only limited by your imagination.

Wear loose underwear and clothes whenever possible to minimize chafing. Never shave with a blunt razor blade. Use hair conditioner or Vaseline rather than shaving cream to clearly see what you are doing.

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