Shocking Folliculitis Pictures

Fungal & Bacterial Infected Follicles

Folliculitis pictures, taken by dermatologists, clearly show how severe infection can become once hair follicles are infected by fungus or bacteria.

The definition of folliculitis is: “Fungal or bacterial infection of the hair follicle.”

The infection can be in the whole follicle (deep) or just a part (superficial) of the follicle.

When you look at the folliculitis pictures (by following the links) it is very easy to see where the superficial and where the deep infections are.

I must stress that an ingrown hair and folliculitis is not the same thing, because infection is absent with ingrown hair.

An ingrown hair can be a little red and swollen, because the follicle is irritated. There can even be a little inflammation. Folliculitis is serious, because infection by fungus or bacteria is present.