Follicle Density Table

Cycle And Phase Duration

The follicle density table supplies condenced information about the hair growth cycle, different follicular phase durations and depth of follicles on a variety of body areas. It is interesting to compare the differences on the various body areas.

This follicle density table gives a wealth of information that is easy to read and understand.

Males with a lot of body and facial hair is known as hairy or hirsute. The hair can be soft, medium or coarse in texture and to the touch.

Men can also have very little facial and body hair. They are the lucky ones who are naturally the way men want to look currently.

Their hair can also be either very fine, medium of coarse in texture and feels quite soft.

Hairy men have a lot of follicles per square inch, while men with little body hair have much less follicles per square inch. Normally very coarse hair has very deep follicles, and deep follicles produce coarse hair.

The combination of coarseness and amount of hair follicles dictate how often a man has to shave. A man with a lot of coarse and dark hair must shave more often than a man with soft and light hair that grows in patches.

All terminal body hair has well-developed roots. The smaller the size of the follicle, the thinner the hair it produces will be. Exceptions to the rules are eyebrow and eyelash hair.

Hair on the eyebrows and eyelashes are coarse hair with shallow follicles. Great care should be taken with eyebrow grooming, because these hair takes a long, long time to grow back again.

Genetics will determine if a man will have a lot of terminal hair follicles on the scalp, chest, underarms and pubic area or not. It isn’t automatic that a person with coarse hair will have a lot of follicles.

Before birth a baby’s body is covered with lunago hair that falls out after birth. During childhood the body is covered with soft vellus hair.

At the onset of puberty hormonal changes causes terminal hair to develop on gender specific areas of the body. The presence of mens pubic hair is a sign that sexual maturity has been reached.

I added the duration of the anagen, catagen and telogen follicular phase of hair growth on the different body parts for interest sake.

NOTE: It is important to remember that the figures below are affected by many outside factors. Much more research is still required. There are always exceptions to every rule, therefore these figures only serve as a useful guide.

Growth Table About Hair Cycle And Phase
Duration At Different Anatomic Body Sites

Body Site % Anagen (growing) Hairs % Telogen (resting) Hairs Duration of Anagen Duration of Telogen Density per Depth of Follicle
Scalp 85% 15% 2-6 years 3-4 months 350/ 5-7mm
Beard 70% 30% 1 year 10 weeks 500/ 2-4mm
Upper Lip 65% 35% 16 weeks 6 weeks 500/ 1-2.5mm
Armpit 30% 70% 4 months 3 months 65/ 4-5mm
Chest/Back 30% 70%   3 months 70/ 2-5mm
Breasts 30% 70%   4 months 70/ 2-4mm
Arms 20% 80% 13 weeks 5 months 80/ 2-4mm
Legs 20% 80% 16 weeks 6 months 60/ 2-4.5mm
Pubic Area 30% 70% Months 3 months 70/ 4-5mm
Eyebrows 10% 90% 4-8 wks 3 months   2-2.5mm
Male Cheeks 50-70% 30-50%     880/ 2-4mm

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