Epilator For Men

Corded, Rechargeable Or Battery

Choose the best epilator for men that has a strong motor, variable speeds, built-in skin protector and feels good in the hand for the best results. Rechargeable models might be too weak for male body hair.

No products are used in conjunction with these devices.

It works fast and is suitable for large areas like the legs, chest and back of a man.

The devices are available as dry use only, wet use only or in a wet/dry combination.

You must choose the device you like, even if it looks quite feminine.

Do not be afraid to buy one specifically for the ladies if you find a suitable model.

You will be using it in the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom. Remember to take it along on your business trips and vacation. You will never again have itchy stubble – just super smooth skin for weeks on end.

What is an epilator?

It is a temporary epilation hair removal device that can be can be battery operated, rechargeable or corded.

Epilation can be defined as pulling a hair out of the skin together with the follicle.

Because the hair and the follicle is removed the skin feels soft and without stubble.

The hair will grow back in a few weeks, all depending on how fast the person’s own hair grows.

All these devices mechanically grasp multiple hairs simultaneously and then pull them out of the skin.

It is a modern mechanical device that incorporates the manual epilation methods of threading, tweezing, waxing and sugaring.

These devices are very suitable for travelling, because that is all that has to be packed for hair removal.

It all started with the Epilady

Back in 1986 the original epilator, Epilady, took the world by storm.

The first model was marketed by an Israeli company. It was only available as a corded model.

This is a photo of the Epilady I received as a Christmas present way back in 1987. I mainly used it for underarm and leg hair removal.

It is now wenty odd years later. My Epilady has never been broken and even today it is still in perfect working condition.

Although it caused discomfort to remove your unwanted body hair like this, the Epilady very soon became an international success and revolutionized hair removal for ever.

The Epilady epilator brand became so well known, that even today, people still refer to an “Epilady”, even when they are talking about some other epilator brand. Much in the same way that Kleenex and Coke are used.

Comparison with other epilation methods

  1. Threading – very precise removal of single hair is possible on especially the eyebrows; not at all suitable for large areas like legs, back or chest.
  2. Tweezing – mostly used to remove a few stray hair and for the eyebrows; not suitable for large areas like legs.
  3. Waxing – warm to hot wax is applied to the skin and hair and then ripped off taking the top skin layer off also; skin is left sensitive; very suitable for the large body areas.
  4. Sugaring – just melted to warm sugaring is applied to the hair and ripped off, because it doesn’t adhere to the skin the skin isn’t removed too; very suitable for large body areas like the legs.
  5. Epilator – no products are applied to the skin; no heat is applied; the skin isn’t damaged and because it is fast it is very suitable for use on large areas.
  6. Photo Epilation – Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) count under these methods that use light to destroy the dermal papilla that feeds the follicle where the hair is produced, causing the follicle to die; suitable for large areas.
  7. Electrolysis – is the only permanent hair removal method available; only suitable for small areas.

Different types of epilators

  1. Coiled Spring Type
    – this was the original design of Epilady where a coiled spring was used;
    the hair got caught in the coil and were pulled out.
  2. Rotating Tweezer Barrel – it has at least two, or up to six, rows of high velocity rotating discs that act like tweezers that catch the hair to pull it out.
  3. Rotating Disk Barrel Type – a series of rapidly rotating metal plates create a tweezing effect when they move together and apart to grip and pull the hair out.

Which model should I buy?

Nowadays there are many brands and models available on the market and they are all based on the original Epilady’s design.

People have difficulty deciding which one is the top/best device to purchase.

Currently the most popular epilator brand worldwide is the Braun Silk Epil Xelle.

Epilady remained a leader in development and a newly designed Epilady arrived on the market in 1996 called “Discrette.”

This was the first epilator with a disc-operated head.

It boasted a virtually pain-free experience because of the high velocity movement of the rotating discs.

Some of the most reliable, popular and easy-to-use brands are Braun (Silk-Epil), Philips Norelco (Satinelle), Epilady (Ladybikini, Discrette, Discrette Plus, Legend, Duet), and Grundig (Lady Care).

Other brands are Emjoi, Remington, Veet, Carmen, BaByliss, Panasonic etc.

Advantages of this method

You will enjoy many weeks of near hairlessness. The hair will grow back with a soft tip and in a lighter shade than before. You won’t have the hard stubble left with shaving. Perfect for things like beach vacations.

I recommend that you get a wax first. When the hair starts to grow back after a few weeks, you just have to do some quick “cleaning up” on a weekly basis. That way you won’t have the the overwhelming discomfort of the first epilation session when you have to remove all the hair at once.

Where can I buy it? It can be purchased at many drugstores and at popular nationwide chain superstores. It is also very convenient to buy from Amazon.com or even e-Bay.

Does epilation hurt? Of course! Remember the hair is pulled out of the skin by the root! Luckily the newest models have all sorts of pain-relief features built into it. I would not describe the sensation as “pain”, but much rather just as discomfort.

Do you use one of these things? Which model or make do you prefer and why? Write your unique reviews to us and I’ll publish it on this website. Remember to take add a photo or three.

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