Epilation Methods

Body Hair Removal for Men

Epilation methods offer several weeks of hair-free skin for unibrow, pubic area, underarms, back, torso and legs. Males should preferably not attempt home epilation.

The epilation methods are: tweezing, threading, epilator devices, sugaring paste and gel, hot and cold waxing, laser, IPL and electrolysis.

During epilation the hair, plus the follicle, is pulled out of the skin.

All these methods are listed, and linked to, lower on this page.

Most of these methods should rather be performed by skilled professionals in a salon environment.

Others, like epilators and tweezers, are suitable for home use.

The person who does the treatment must know what he/she is doing, or it can really be a painful experience. You don’t really want your clumsy pal to give you a full body wax, do you?

Definition of epilation

Epilation can be defined as the removal of the hair together with the follicle.

And yes, of course some degree of pain is involved.

he hair is removed very swiftly to minimize the pain as much as possible.

These methods offer hair-free skin surfaces for a period of several weeks.

During that time new hair is formed inside the follicles.

Hair epilation is suitable for the pubic area, unibrow, underarms, back, torso, arms and legs. Waxing can also be used for nose and ear hair removal.

Only the very brave remove their beards in this way. Waxing is very suitable for total male body hair removal.

Males should preferably not attempt home epilation. Trust me, as a professional who has been doing it for more years I care to admit, I know what I am talking about.

Just go to a salon and pay someone to do it. All epilation products, systems and devices can only offer temporary results.

Different epilation methods

  1. Tweezing is a very popular epilation method to neaten the eyebrows or other small areas, because it is time consuming,
  2. threading must be done by someone who has mastered this ancient art,
  3. the manual tweezing and threading methods are combined in the epilator devices to give electric or battery versions that are very suitable for large areas like legs,
  4. sugaring paste and gel is very cheap and easy to prepare at home with 100% natural ingredients. Several recipes are available on this site. You should preferably have someone to perform it for you,
  5. hot and cold waxing can easily be done at home, but it is so much easier to go to a salon, because the wax must be kept at a comfortable temperature,
  6. photo-epilation (laser and intense pulsed light) and electrolysis should only be done at a salon.

Photo epilation devices

The IPL device on the photo left is the one I use in my home salon.

Photo-epilation with laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) is performed with extremely sensitive and expensive devices.

They deliver very strong light beams to the skin to destroy the hair follicles.

When these professional epilation devices has been moved, it must be re-calibrated by a professional technician at great cost.

Always keep the above in mind when you are bombarded with “home lasers”.

The light that can be generated by a home device really is too weak to destroy the hair follicles. You will be wasting your money. Be warned!

DIY Lasers and IPL devices

Always be wary when you read about “home lasers” or “home electrolysis” devices. It doesn’t work. You will just waste your hard earned money.

Don’t be fooled by their clever advertisements! The devices you buy as DIY produce too weak a current. It simply cannot do the job and is a total rip-off.

The professional machines are very strong and produce long-term reduction results of up to a year. Very often the results can even be permanent.

Which of these do you consider as the best hair remover method? Who did it and on which body part did you do it? Share your unique story. with us and I’ll publish it on this website. Remember to add a photo.

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