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Electrolysis is the only method that has the permission of the FDA to call the treatment permanent hair removal. All other epilation methods must use “permanent reduction”.

Electrolysis was the hair removal method I chose many, many years ago in 1975 to permanently rid my upper lip of some unwanted hair.

OK, don’t be so shocked. Remember I am a woman!

I chose this method because even then I knew that it was the only proven permanent method according to the FDA.

This method has been available since 1875 and nearly nothing has been changed since then, because it worked well.

The device was just modernised and made to look very snazzy and streamlined.

What does an electrolysis treatment feel like?

I was a very broke 20 year old student, and this treatment was extremely expensive even way back then. Because it was so expensive, my money ran out loooong before the 2-4 year treatment time was finished!

The treatment can definitely not be described as painful, even though the lip is one of the most sensitive areas.

I can still recall the slight warm sensation I felt during the treatment. My upper lip was always a little swollen and red for a day.

The little scabs took some time to heal and caused me some embarassment. No skin cooling, numbing cream or pain killers were used or even considered back then.

Description of electrolysis technique

I have absolutely no idea whether the galvanic, thermolysis or blend method was used on me. It is just too long ago to remember.

I can still remember being fascinated by the round lighted magnifying glass the electrologist used to look through. Her eyes looked HUGE from my side of the thick glass.

It is very delicate work, so the cosmetologist needs to see clearly what she is doing.

An extremely thin (0.002 to 0.006 inches) sterile disposable probe is used.

Take note that it is a metal probe and not a needle.

The probe must be roughly the diameter of the hair. For hygienic reasons a new probe is used for every treatment.

The probe is very carefully inserted into the natural pore opening alongside the hair shaft without puncturing the follicle.

If that happens the follicle is missed and can’t be killed. Then 0-3 milliamperes of electricity is administered to the follicle for 1-3 seconds.

I only felt a little warm sensation when the electric current was administered. I never experienced pain.

Because the follicle gets injured by the treatment, the hair slides out painlessly when she tweezed it. Electrologists are very meticuous about sterilization to combat any infection. A new disposable probe is used for each treatment.

Virgin vs distorted follicles

The electrologist was very pleased that my upper lip hair was still virgin facial hair.

It means that no hair removal method has yet been used on them. The follicles weren’t distorted and therefore made her job easier.

Epilation methods like hair waxing, threading and tweezing can (and mostly do) distort follicles. Shaving aren’t kind to follicles.

If you shave against the growth you are asking for ingrown hair. When the stainless steel metal probe of the electrolysis hair removal machine is inserted into a distorted follicle, the chances are very good that it can totally miss its mark.

The more experienced the electrologist, the better chance she has of being on the correct spot. Distorted follicles often lead to ingrown hair that can even become infected.

What is the target of the tiny stainless steel probe? The dermal papilla is the thing that must be killed. It supplies nourishment to the follicle during the hair production pro-anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.

Any living thing that is deprived of nourishment will eventually die. A virgin follicle is still in the position it is supposed to be, which makes the success rate on them that much higher.

With a distorted follicle the poor professional has no idea what is going on underneath the skin, because she simply can’t see through the skin.

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Cost of electrolysis

Never lose sight of the fact that each hair is treated separately.

This hair removal method is really very time-consuming. You pay for the electrolygist’s time and expertise.

This treatment is better suited to smaller treatment areas. Transgender male to female clients use it to remove unwanted hair from head to toes.

A good electrolygist can electrolize about 100 hair in 15 minutes. And if performed corrrectly, the treated follicles will never produce hair again. Never, ever again.

It is extremely difficult to give a cost estimate, because I live in South Africa. I don’t know the prices in your country. But it is an expensive treatment. Treatment and payment is always in 15 minute segments. The longest being 60 minutes.

It would be best to visit your nearest electrologist and decide on a treatment and payment plan for your specific hair removal needs. In the meantime you will be able to do different types of hair removal on the body hair you don’t want.

Electrolysis permanent hair removal services are for people of all ages, genders, skin types and colors, for any type of hair on any part of the body.

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