Ear Hair Removal

Ear Waxing Beats The Mangroomer

Ear hair removal by using the quick hair removal method of ear waxing gives better results than when a mangroomer or beard and mustache trimmers are used. For obvious reasons shaving inside the ear is out of the question.

The whole idea of removing ear hair is to have NO HAIR peeking out of your ears.

That is soooo ugly!

While you’re busy with your ears you might just as well do some nose hair removal too!

I mean, the wax is already warm, so consider a nose wax too.

If you use any of the facial trimmer gadgets to trim the bushes, you will still have hair.

It will just be shorter, but still clearly visible to other people.

You will have “designer stubble” inside your ears and nostrils. OK, I agree trimming hair is a very quick hair removal option. But you have other options you know. In my opinion ear hair removal with hot waxing gives the best results for the longest period of time.

Ear hair removal options

Because your ears are at the sides of your head, you definitely will need help to remove the hair. That goes for nearly all hair removal methods.

The available methods are:

  • Mangroomer trimmers – can be pushed into your own ears without any help, but the results are very short lived and very stubbly.

  • Other methods – like shaving, scissors, hair removal creams, epilators, tweezing, sugaring, threading, electrolysis are not suitable for use inside the ears.

  • Intense pulsed light or IPL– the handpieces are really too big to work in this tiny space.

  • Laser – impossible in this tiny space, because the beam must be delivered at a right angle for best results.

  • Hair waxing – cold wax is unsuitable, because the consistensy is too thin; it will run inside the ear canal and might cause damage.

Ear candle waxing

This page is about ear hair removal with melted wax. I must make it very clear that ear waxing is not, I repeat not, the same as ear candle waxing. Candle ear waxing is when melted wax is used to remove the excess wax build-up inside the ears.

Ear hair removal technique

If you prefer, you can have your ear hair removed during a professional waxing. But waxing at home is a very viable option. The technique of waxing ear hair is really very easy. I’ll explain it step-by-step to all the at home waxing enthusiasts.

Step 1 – Slowly heat the hot wax to a comfortable temperature. Cold wax is not suitable for use inside the ears. Heating can be done by means of various methods. Read more on the electric wax warmer page.

Step 2 – Carefully clean the inside of the ear with an ear bud. Apply a little bit of baby powder to the inside of he ear with an ear bud. Make sure all the visible hair is covered. A very light dusting is quite enough.

Step 3 – (image above left)
Test the temperature of the wax on the inside of your own and the person being waxed’s wrist. It must feel warm, but must never be too hot. Dip only the cotton ball part of an ear bud into the melted wax. Twirl it around to avoid dripping.

Step 4 – (image above center)
Pull on the earlobe to open the ear canal. Quickly apply the wax to all visible hair inside the ear. You must work very fast, because the wax will set very quickly. Take care not to wiggle around too much or the cotton wool might get loose.

Step 5 – (image above right)
Immediately push the ear canal closed from the front and back of the ear to ensure all hair adheres to the wax. Hold for about five seconds. Repeat on the other ear.

Step 6 – (image above left)
Take firm hold of the ear bud stickling out of the first ear. Very quickly pull it out at the same angle it was placed inside the ear. Repeat on the other ear.

Step 7 – (image above center)
Many men has hair on the outsides of their ears. Use a wooden spatula to apply some wax with the direction of hair growth. Wait until the wax has cooled a little. Remove wax by pulling off in the opposite direction the hair grows naturally.

Step 8 – (image above right)
Check the finished results. Reapply wax where necessary. Remember only the cotton wool part of the ear bud is pushed into the ear.

Step 9 – Remove any wax that might have been left with some baby oil on an ear bud. Apply a little bit of antiseptic ointment with an ear bud to the waxed area.

Why don’t you try my instructions above and then write about your experience with ear hair removal. Remember to take some descriptive photos, because you may add up to three to your story. We would love to hear how it went! Offer suggestions, air opinions, ask questions or just publish the information.

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