Depilatory Cream

Is a Strong Chemical Formulation

Depilatory cream is a very strong alcaline or acidic chemical formulation. It dissolves the hair proteins and turns the hair into a jellylike mass.

It can be either a very strong alcaline or very acidic chemical formulation.

The chemicals dissolve the hair proteins and turn the hair into a jellylike mass.

After a few minutes the hair and cream can be removed with a special spatula.

Whenever in doubt, you should rather use the “sensitive skins”. Fight the urge to leave it on for longer than recommended.

Your skin will turn red and itchy and you might even get blisters that will take several days to heal again. It is not worth it.

I would not recommend use of this product for male facial hair removal, because the facial skin is much too sensitive to put such harsh chemicals on.

What is the active ingredient?

The active ingredient in depilatory cream is a keratolytic or keratin dissolving substance.

Because the skin also contains the protein keratin, the skin will also be attacked by the product at the same time the hair is being dissolved.

The skin will become very sensitive if used too often or if the depilatory cream is left on for too long.

It is essential that you do a test patch on the inside of the forearm 24 hours in advance, to determine if the client is allergic to the product.

Available depilatory cream brands

Some depilatory cream brand names are: Sally Hansen, Nair, Veet, Nads, Hair Off, Bikini Zone, Surgi-Cream, Magic Smooth, One Touch Dermanude, etc.

Choose the correct type of hair removal lotion for the body area you want to use it.

You won’t have any trouble finding a product to your liking. If in doubt, rather take the one for sensitive skins.

The variety is so huge it is difficult to choose one above all the others.

It comes in cream, lotion, aerosol, roll-on, gel, powder, with applicator, without applicator, etc.

I assume the brand names will differ from country to country, but all leading brands will definitely have a male depilatory cream and also one for sensitive skins.

You should be able to easily get your hands on this hair removal product. Even if it means secretly using a depilatory cream made for women.

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Will hair be removed permanently?

Of course not!
Don’t be fooled by rediculous claims! ALL depilatory methods give temporary results, because the follicles are left undisturbed.

The hair will grow back as fast as if it has been shaven.

Only the part of the hair above the skin is dissolved. To be considered permanent, the dermal papilla that feeds the follicle, must be destroyed.

There is no such thing as “permanent hair removal creams”. Even if the manufacturers claim it in their advertisements!

According to the FDA only electrolysis can claim the priviledge of giving permanent hair removal results.

Different temporary depilation methods

Depilation means only the part of the hair above the skin is removed.

Don’t be fooled by claims of long-term or permanent removal. It isn’t possible with depilation cream.

Results are always temporary. The hair regrowth is nearly as fast as with shaving. There are four hair removal methods grouped under temporary hair removal:

  • Shaving – done by means of a huge variety of manual, electric or battery razors or shavers.
  • Trimming – done by means of a huge variety of rechargeable, electric or battery trimmers or body trimmers.
  • Friction – “sandpapering” away the hair above the skin with some rough surface; hair grows out with soft tip. Not suitable for terminal male body hair.
  • Chemicals – available as depilatory cream, gel or powder; chemicals dissolve the hair above the skin’s surface.

Using chemicals is just another one of the many body hair removal methods currently available. In ancient Egypt (4,000-3,000 BC) such deadly ingredients as arsenic and quicklime were used to remove visible body hair.

It was considered shameful and uncivilized to have body hair during those times, but it was mostly done for hygienic reasons in the hot climate.

Positive things about this method

  • The resulting smooth period after using chemical cream or gel can be likened to shaving. It will last anything from several hours to several days.
  • The smooth period differs from person to person, because the hair growth cycle is different on every body as well as on different body areas..
  • Regrowth is less stubbly than shaving or trimming.
  • Chemicals dissolve only the part of the hair above the skin’s surface.
  • Very easy to use, affordable and available almost everywhere.
  • It can be used as hair removal product on most body hair. When the instructions are followed, it is quite safe for use on the male genitals, even for full male brazilian.
  • You will sidestep the ingrown hair, razor burns, nicks and nasty cuts associated with shaving.
  • A test patch 24 hours before every application is strongly recommended, especially if you plan to use it for genital hair removal.

Negative things to keep in mind

  • The smell of some brands can be quite offensive and strong. Choose the brand least offensive to yourself. Remove most of the cream with the applicator before applying water to reduce the nasty smell.
  • Do not be tempted to leave the depilatory product on the skin for too long – the chemical formulation is very strong and you might end up with unwanted skin burns.
  • You won’t be spared ingrown hair nor the occasional infected hair follicle.
  • Not as fast as shaving, and the result is only slightly less stubbly.
  • Use with utmost caution on sensitive areas, because serious burns can be the result.
  • Cannot be used too often, because the chemicals are quite harsh. Refrain from using on the face.
  • Chemicals can irritate and even burn the skin. Chemical burns, blisters, stinging, itchy rashes and peeling skin have been reported after use.
  • Hair regrowth aren’t affected, but will have a softer tip when compared with a shaven hair.

Handy tips to consider following

  • Soften the hair by taking a hot bath or shower. Trimmed hair require less of the depilatory cream product. So trim hair short with a clipper or body trimmer first.
  • Apply before bedtime to give the skin time to recuperate during the night. Never apply to irritated or broken skin.
  • Apply according to instructions. Get help for hard to reach areas like back or buttocks.
  • Wait the specified time. Remove a test patch to see if hair is ready to be removed. When the hair is zig-zagged (see photo) and soft to the touch it is ready for removal.

  • If not, wait a few more minutes and do another test patch. It must be easy to scrape the hair off the skin.
  • Remove all of the cream and hair with the supplied scraping tool before washing off with lukewarm water. As soon as water is added, the nasty smell becomes noticeable.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel to treated area and finish with unscented body lotion or Acqueous cream.

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