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To reach us just fill in your information on the form below. Use the form to submit stories, make comments, rate other stories. Offer suggestions, air opinions, ask questions or publish information. Please share your good and bad hair removal experiences.

Ways To Contact Hair Removal 4 Guys

  1. You will find various forms at the YOUR Hairy Story page. It’s very easy to use.
  2. You’ll find links to various pages inviting you to make a contribution. Read the webpage that accompanies the form, to know what that page is all about.
  3. Let the supplied information sink in for a moment or two. Compare it with your own experience on the subject.
  4. Decide if your story is better, worse, more painful, more hilarious, etc and then pull all the plugs to write your own original story.
  5. Simply type it into the block I provided. Start your story with a bang and not with “Hi, my name is John…” because site visitors merely scan pages.
  6. Give and ask advice, ask and answer questions, help and be helped. Keep it positive and safe for all visitors.
  7. If you have a suitable photo (or 3) you are more than welcome to add it. Remember to explain what the photo is all about!
  8. Download the free version of Picnik to edit your photo to 800×600 pixels before you post it.
  9. It isn’t necessary to register anywhere. I don’t ask for your personal information or address. Very safe.
  10. Your e-mail address will only be used to inform you what the URL of your story is so you can read your webpage.
  11. You can also add comments and ratings to other stories. Aim to be positive and uplifting with your comments.

What Information to Supply

  • Fields with an *asterisk* must be filled in.
  • If you are asking a question, please provide enough information for us to understand your question.
  • Make suggestions about information you would like us to add on the website.
  • Give advice, make comments and air your opinions.
  • Ask any questions about hair removal related topics.
  • Share your good and bad hair removal experiences.
  • Do you have photos that explains everything? Then add it.
  • Keep submissions uplifting, positive and in good taste.

Submission guidelines for this site

  1. All submissions must be relevant, original, accurate, true and in good taste.
  2. Keep it non-defamatory, non-threatening and non-confidential in nature so all site visitors will feel safe.
  3. Copyrights owned by someone else may not be infringed in any way. That goes for photographs too.
  4. Posts may not be of commercial or promotional nature.
  5. No commercial website addresses, e-mail addresses or business telephone numbers may be submitted.
  6. I reserve the right to reject/edit/delete any parts that violate the submission guidelines or agreement for submission.
  7. Offenders of these guidelines may be banned from future submission to this site.
  8. Read the agreement for submission below. If you do not agree with something, then please do not continue using this site or any services offered by this site.

Agreement for submission

I hereby certify that I have the right to submit the text or photos I am submitting to My submission signifies agreement with the “Submission Guidelines” above. I agree to grant an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display my submission on this Web site only. Furthermore, I also grant the right to pursue anyone who copies my submitted information without my permission.

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