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hoose cold waxing as the best hair remover method to get rid of body hair, or say goodbye to a monobrow with eyebrow hair removal. Suitable for eyebrows, legs, forearms, chest hair and back hair removal.

Large amounts of hair can be removed with limited damage to the skin.

This type of wax is definitely NOT recommended for use on the pubic hair or armpit hair of either sex.

Especially not on male clients. Rather use the hot type in that area.

In South Africa both the hot and cold varieties are readily available as kits at most big pharmacies like Dis Chem, Clicks or Pick ‘n Pay.

As a plus the skin will also be exfoliated, because dead skin cells are removed along with the top skin layer during the waxing treatment.

There is no lasting pigmentation changes, cuts or damage to the skin because of harmful chemicals. The skin might feel a little sensitive for a day or two, but recovers very quickly.

What exactly is cold waxing?

It is a very, very sticky waxy, chemical consistency. The wax base may be beeswax or paraffin. The resin is the adhesive that is responsible for attachment of the hair strands to the wax.

The lubricators may be fat or oil to make removal of the wax easier. Other components which may be added to the wax could be fragrances, color or moisturizer.

For instance pink colorant and rose fragrance produces a rose scented wax with a soft pink color.

It can also be a mixture of rubber latex solutions and solvents or organic substances such as honey.

The ingredients are totally different to the ingredients of that used for hot wax hair removal.

Some mixtures need warming and other may be applied at room temperature or warmed in the hands. When warmed it changes to something akin to warmed syrup or honey.

The most recent cold waxing machine comes in the form of a cartridge with a roller applicator head that attaches to a handle.

It is also known as strip wax and is available in various colors and fragrances, eg chamomile, rose, honey, etc.

Can sensitive skins be waxed?

Yes, definitely. Special waxes for sensitive skins, as well as for people with allergies, are available. It is the client’s responsibility to inform the cosmetologist beforehand, so she can use the correct wax.

100% Natural sugaring would be a very sensible option to use for people who are allergic to bees as well as for those with very sensitive skins.

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Why is cold waxing heated?

It is heated because in its cold state some mixtures are difficult to spread thinly on the skin. After heating it, the consistency changes to a thin, easily spreadable liquid.

Why is it called cold when it is heated? What a good question! And I really would like to know the answer myself.

I think it should rather be called “strip wax, “warm wax”, “lukewarm wax” or “sticky wax”. Or something like that, don’t you agree?

Care must be taken to only heat it to a comfortable temperature. It must be warm, but not hot. Test the temperature on the inside of your own and the client’s wrist before application.

How is the heated wax applied?

While warm, the wax is applied extremely thinly to the skin with a wooden spatula or tongue depressor held at a 45 degree angle.

Never, ever use a metal utencil. Because metal retains heat for a long time, you might be burned.

Most salons make use of the pistol roller system to save time. All parts are disposable, making this a totally hygienic treatment.

How is the wax heated?

  • It can be heated in the microwave oven in a suitable container. It is best to use very short bursts on full power. Stir every now and then.

  • Another way is to put the container in a saucepan of boiling water on the stove. Take care that the water doesn’t spill into the wax.

  • If you are really into waxing, it would be worth the money to buy yourself a special electric wax warmer.

  • Most beauty salons use the roller cartridge system to heat and to apply the wax. Up to six systems can be plugged into each other.

How is it removed from the skin?

A waxing strip is placed over the wax, rubbed vigorously with the hair growth direction, and ripped of against the growth direction.

Directly afterwards you should press quite hard on the waxed area with your free hand. That really helps to ease the pain.

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Is sugaring also a cold waxing?

Strickly speaking no, because sugaring doesn’t contain any wax.

It is prepared by boiling water, sugar and either lemon or lime juice together until it browns and thickens. Honey can also be used in the place of sugar.

However, strip wax is the chemical equivalent of the 100% natural sugar gel method.

Both these waxes are applied extremely thinly and removed with paper, cloth or cellophane. The same application and removal methods are used for both of them.

Sugaring can very quickly, easily, and cheaply be prepared in your own kitchen at home. It can also be bought ready made in kit form.

Manufacturers have developed products that are very similar, but far safer, than boiling sugar. This product may be reapplied over areas already treated.

Sugaring recipes

Follow this link to find several sugaring wax recipes to your liking for your DIY waxing projects. Read how to make disposable homemade waxing strips very easily.

It is quite all right to eat sugaring, because it is just sugar, lemon juice and water boiled together. This is a very good alternative to waxing. Sugar waxing isn’t so irritatingly sticky as cold wax. Spills can very easily be cleaned with water.

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