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Cold Wax Strips

For Male Hair Removal

Make cold wax strips cheaply and use with sugaring or cold wax hair removal technique. Very good for removing back hair, but not for male pubic hair removal. Use a discarded denim jean or unbleached calico cloth.

Strips are commercially available as ready cut or on a roll you have to cut up yourself.

The commercial non-woven type is normally used in beauty salons for cold waxing.

Do it yourself waxers might experience problems to buy what they need from a distributor.

This doesn’t have to be a problem. Make your own reusable strips and wax in your own home.

You will find various homemade body hair removal recipes on this website that you can prepare for the cost of one lemon, a cup of sugar and some gas. Rediculously cheap! Too cheap to even go to the trouble to try to calculate the price of a single treatment. And it is great fun too.

Where to use cold wax strips

Homemade cold wax strips are used in conjunction with any of these sugaring hair removal recipes.

Calico strips isn’t very good for sugaring, because the product very quickly seeps through the cloth. These strips are fun and very cheap to make, easy to use and a jiffy to clean.

If you want to use these strips for chemical cold waxing it won’t be reusable at all. In that case they will be thrown away after use.

Plan and mark out the denim strips

Mark cold wax strips on denim jean with soap sliver Choose a clean, discarded denim. The bottom seams must preferably not be torn.

Place the jean on a table or any available flat surface.

Flatten the bottoms of both the legs with your hands.

Use the ruler to roughly assess how many strips of about 7,5cm x 18cm you will be able to fit in.

Each strip must have the bottom seam as the one 7,5cm side. Find a long ruler and the last sliver of a used bar of soap.

Start at the bottom end of the trouser leg. Use the sliver of soap and ruler to mark out the strips. Use the photo above as guide.

Draw strips one next to the other on the front and back of the trouser leg. Obviously the inside and outside seams of the jeans will not be part of a strip.

Repeat with other leg. Turn denim jean around and repeat on the other sides of both trouser legs.

If you plan on throwing it away after use, the whole jean can be cut up with side seams used as one of the short sides.

Calico cold wax strips

Cold wax strips marked on unbleached calico The technique to make strips from unbleached calico is roughly the same as above.

Measure out the strips, but remember to add about 2-3cm to the 18cm to make a seam to grip on to.

Draw the line with a pencil or pen with the help of a ruler.

Cut out on the lines with either a normal or zig-zag needlework scissor.

All you have left to is to tidy the three or four raw sides.

Are you interested in getting a full body Kahuna massage or hair removal treatment? Fill in the form on the Contact Me page for more info or to make an appointment.

Sewing the waxing strips

Overlock or zig-zag homemade cold wax strips You only need to do this if you plan on using the strips more than once, like with sugaring.

Start off by making a seam in one of the short sides where necessary. Fold over about 1cm and then again 2cm.

Use a sewing machine to stitch close to the folded edge to make a seam.

If you used the normal scissor you still have to tidy the sides to keep it from fraying when you wash it.

You can either overlock it with an overlocker machine or by zig-zagging it with a sewing machine.

You will need strips of different sizes

Cold wax strips of different sizes from cut-offs Smaller and larger cold waxing strips can be cut from the left over pieces. You will definitely need some odd sized strips too.

Small sizes are fantastic for upper lip and eyebrow waxing and to get rid of a unibrow.

Cut a few long and/or broad strips for bigger body areas like the chest or back to speed up the treatment.

Remember to add seams and to neaten all the sides.

How to clean cold wax strips

Pour Boiling Water On Cold Wax Strip When you have finished with the sugaring body hair removal treatment, the used denim cold waxing strips can be cleaned for the next use.

Put the used denim strips inside a suitable bowl and pour boiling water over them.

The sugaring will melt immediately and the the hair will drift on the water’s surface.

Wash in soapy water, rinse and let dry naturally. Pack away until needed again.

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