After Waxing Care Tips

To Minimize Ingrown Hair

After waxing care tips to inform you of necessary steps you can take to prevent sensitive skin from becoming even more irritated than it already is after the wax treatment.

It should also stop ingrown hair from developing.

The heat of the warm wax causes the pores to open up.

When the follicles are open, it is easy to pull the hair out.

But open follicles are an invitation to bacteria to come and visit.

Don’t be too hasty to apply your normal body lotion. Rateher give preference to unscented lotions.

How long do the pores stay open?

After the waxing treatment the pores are open and gradually close after a few days.

During this time the open pores can very quickly become clogged with dead skin cells.

Infection is also a reality if the wrong products are applied to the skin during this time.

It is best to use something that will aid with the healing and recovery of the skin, like Aloe Vera gel.

This is even more true with a sensitive skin.

There are a number of things that should, and shouldn’t, be done to make waxing and sugaring safe.

Do you know what they are? Waxing salons can be a breeding place for unwanted infections.

Waxing safety precautions

Great care must be taken during the waxing treatment to prevent any infection to the newly waxed skin.

If you feel the salon doesn’t work sanitary, leave immediately! Salons MUST adhere to the waxing safety precautions or they will present health problems to their clients.

When a follicle gets infected with the staph bacteria you can get folliculitis. This bacteria can very easily grow inside re-used wax.

Look at a few of the folliculitis pictures to get a real scare.

After waxing care tips

  • Remove all of the remaining wax product by applying the oil that is appropriate for the skin type. Remove all excess oil with clean cotton wool.
  • To tone, refresh, moisturize and calm the skin, apply after-waxing gel for 48 hours as many times per day as possible.
  • Do not apply any other product after waxing, because the dilated pores can get blocked and this can lead to infection.
  • One of the lesser known after waxing care tips require you to only start using your normal skin moisturizing products 48 hours after your wax.
  • No sunbathing or use of a sun bed should be done before 24 hours after the waxing, because the skin is still in the process of healing.
  • Refrain from wearing tight clothes and underwear directly after the treatment. Give preference to loose fitting clothes for a day or two because the skin is still sensitive.
  • Don’t go swimming or hot-tubbing soon after waxing or sugaring. Water can contain bacteria that can very easily penetrate the skin through the still open pores.

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Prevention of ingrown hair

An ingrown hair is a hair that has difficulty finding its way out of the skin.

When the hair breaks off underneath the skin during waxing, the hair will most probably become an ingrown hair.

Luckily this will happen less the longer you wax. The hair will become softer and lighter in color.

Normal skins can use exfoliation products like Penchant Bare with success.

Special exfoliating gloves can be used on sensitive skin in the bath or shower to wash the skin.

This requires no extra time and can be bought cheaply in most of the supermarkets’ cosmetic departments.

The secret to the prevention of ingrown hair is to exfoliate and moisturise the skin daily.

What is skin exfoliation?

It is simply the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Incidentally skin exfoliation is also the best pre waxing and after waxing care tip I can give you!

There are many store bought products available. Or you can make your own skin exfoliation very cheaply with oil and sugar.

Products that help with the prevention of ingrown hair also remove the top skin layer.

The abrasive particles in store bought products can clog the pores and lead to even more irritation.

Sensitive skin with large pores should preferably use exfoliating liquid or gel without abrasive particles.

Try to follow the after waxing care tips as closely as possible for a positive waxing experience.

Get some inexpensive home remedies for ingrown hair and experience for yourself how dry skin brushing can also help with this problem.

Do you perhaps have a recipe about hair removal you won’t mind sharing with us? Share your unique tips for after-care, ingrown hair and waxing and I’ll publish it on this website. Remember to take some photos.

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