Body Hair Removal For Men
Your Personal Best Hair Remover Option

Hone your hair removal knowledge to choose the best possible available personal method to rid your body of unwanted hair from head to feet. Short term to permanent methods are covered. All these methods are applied by the beauty industry to remove unwanted body hair.

OK, so you are a man and you hate the body hair you have been “blessed” with.

Don’t despair, you don’t have to grunt and bear it for one day longer.

Unless you choose to keep it.

Yes, of course body hair removal for men is acceptable!

Which men remove their unwanted hair?

Only about half of the adult male population in the world!

Also popular with most male sportsmen, male body builders, male swimmers, male cyclers, etc. But you must never forget the normal guy next door!And the ladies love it!

You would like to get rid of some (or even all) of your body hair, but you need a little bit more convincing. Let me help you make up your mind. Why should you consider it? You will feel cooler, sexier, younger, etc, etc.

Of all the male body waxing treatments the full brazilian bikini wax is the most popular with both sexes. Making bikini wax shapes with special pubic hair designs is also catching on.

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Removal Methods

Read more about all the different methods that are available to do total body de-fuzzing with. You will find very temporary methods that are ideal for male facial hair removal. But there are also info about completely permanent options. Get the necessary information to help you to make an informed decision.

Hair Basics

The linked images below will take you to pages about male body hair and also the evils of an infected hair follicle, which is an infected ingrown hair. Learn more about the different growth stages of hair, how deep follicles are inside the skin and other interesting facts about hair.

Male Depilation

These pages cover the whole range of manscaping. You will find tips on anything from eyebrow grooming to how to do a brazilian wax job at home. There isn’t a single place on the body where unwanted hair can’t be removed. All you have to do is to decide which method you wish to use.

Admin Pages

I call the following pages the admin pages. They are all necessary to have on the website, without adding any info about the removal of your bodily hair.

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Male Hair Removal Blog
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Hair Removal Systems - Body Hair Removal For Men
Various hair removal systems can be used for male pubic hair removal or male body hair grooming to achieve the current ideal image of a man who performs body manscaping
Threading Hair Removal Is Mainly Used As Facial Hair Remover
Master threading hair removal if you have a very sensitive skin or limited time so you can do your home hair removal whenever it suits you for absolutely free
Tweezing Is Eazy, But You Have To Find a Tweezer You Like First
Experience tweezing hair removal with the best tweezers you can afford to be able to remove a hair the first time you try, every time
Clippers Are Ideal For Fast, Clean, No-Nonsence Manscaping From Head To Feet
Clippers are the tools to use to keep your designer stubble the exact length you prefer. Just clip the desired spacer tool on for quick face hair removal
Depilatory Cream Is Hair Depilation Chemicals That Are Highly Alcaline Or Acidic
Depilatory cream is a very strong alcaline or acidic chemical formulation that dissolves the hair proteins and turns the hair into a jellylike mass that is easily wiped/washed off.
Why Is Shaving Still King? 'Cause It's Easy, Fast, Smooth, Cheap and Painless
Only A Miracle Invention Will De-throne Shaving As King Of Hair Removal Methods For Men. Nothing Beats Its Low Price, Accessibility, Simplicity, Speed and Smooth Finish. No Wonder Men Still Prefer It!
An Epilator For Men Should Ideally Be Corded For Top/Best Performance. Why?
Choose the best epilator for men that has a strong motor, variable speeds, built-in skin protector and feels good in the hand. Rechargeable models might be too weak for male body hair
Sugaring Hair Removal Is Easy To Make, Dirt Cheap And Gives Outstanding Results
Because sugaring hair removal is prepared with 100% natural products it is ideal for people with allergies. You have total control over the ingredients and it is kind to the skin too.
Hair Waxing For Male Hair Removal
Hair waxing is popular as body hair removal for men. Find handy waxing tips, waxing safety precautions info, explanation of correct waxing techniques, different waxes, etc
Laser Hair Removal Facts, History of Lasers, Laser Classification and Characteri
Laser hair removal facts cover topics like the history of lasers, laser classification, laser treatment costs, laser hair removal risks, remove tattoo with laser, suitable skin types, etc
Intense Pulsed Light For Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Vascular Lesion Remo
Intense pulsed light emits broad spectrum visible light that targets the chromophores melanin, haemoglobin and water in the skin for its destruction.
Electrolysis Hair Removal System Will Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Hair Permanently
Electrolysis is the only method that has the permission of the FDA to call the treatment permanent hair removal. Other methods must use permanent reduction.
Some Hair Facts About Your Individuality, Because Of Genetically Inhereted Genes
Some Hair Facts Might Calm You If You Are Having a Bad Body Hair Day. Everybody Has Body Hair. Few Like It. Most Want To Get Rid Of Some Of It. Let Me Supply You With Some Little Known Facts.
Male Body Hair Follows the Natural Hair Growth Pattern of Human Differenciation
Growing male body hair is the sign that an adolescent boy is starting to become a man like his daddy. Mens pubic hair is the first androgenic hair that starts to grow
An infected hair follicle is mostly an infected ingrown hair that can't get out
When an infected hair follicle becomes contaminated with staphylococcus virus or bacteria, folliculitis treatment by a doctor might be necessary, especially for deep folliculitis
Congenital Hypertrichosis Is Excessive Body Hair At Any Body Site Of Both Sexes
Congenital hypertrichosis is not the same as excessive body hair growth caused by hirsutism in women. Excessive cases are called werewolf or ambras syndrome
Male Sportsmen Do Some Body Hair Removal And Usually Start With Leg Shaving
Male sportsmen succumb to vanity and to illustrate their dedication to sport when they remove body hair, but enhancing performance has nothing to do with hair removal
Manscaping Is The Act Of Male Grooming To Remove Unwanted Body Hair By Various M
Manscaping is the act of male grooming by removing unwanted body hair by means of all hair removal methods currently available. Many men want to get rid of a unibrow too
Male Brazilian Wax Job – Grooming Pubic Hair
Researching male brazilian wax job for genital hair removal? Grooming pubic hair or removal of unwanted hair is called manscaping. Genital waxing is extremely popular
Pubic Hair Designs Need Pubic Hair Stencils. Try DIY And Save Lots Of Money
Use male pubic hair designs, fancy pubic hair cuts, interesting pubic hair art by using pubic hair stencils and pubic hair color for male pubic hair grooming. It is becoming a global craze!
Unibrow eyebrow shaping is part of manscaping with male hair removal techniques
A unibrow or monobrow can be removed by means of manscaping. Popular methods of eyebrow grooming for eyebrow shaping are tweezing eyebrows and eyebrow waxing
Nose Hair Removal – Male Facial Hair Removal is
Nose hair removal should be part of removing beard stubble daily. Metrosexual men consider eyebrow grooming and ear hair removal as part of their bathroom grooming
Ear Hair Removal – Ear Waxing Is The Best Hair Remover Choice
Ear hair removal by using the quick hair removal method of ear waxing gives better results than when a mangroomer or beard and mustache trimmers are used
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Use a contact me page to submit comments, suggestions, air opinions, ask questions, publish information and share your experiences about hair removal options for men
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